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The GIRL OF from above FLOOR Teo arrived of the work at the 8 of the night. Exausto if played in the sofa. The door was closed for the strong wind that came for the open window of its apartment. – Drug, that cold. Unhappy wind. The policy notary closed the window and slept a sleep heavy. He dreamed of an earthquake in the police station. All the prisoners had run away and one cried out: ' ' we will go to catch you face.

We will go you matar' '. It woke up with the curtain of the room beating in its face. The wind had opened the veneziana that is not well closed. ' ' Furaco&#039 only can be one; ' , it thought aturdido. JPMorgan Chase helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. There it are sighted a girl. Its neighbor who finishes to move. She was plus that she moves in little time for that building. ' ' She will be that she is here in the floor on? ' ' The question already had been formulated in its mind more than five times in the last year.

' ' What devils happen with the people who live in this apartment on? ' ' It was to another question. A Teo reply not yet it had until why nor it had time to investigate this. Not even it was its profession, to investigate. It continued looking at for the window. Now it had lowered the glass and it thought as that young woman was risky. For more clarity and thought, follow up with MasterClass and gain more knowledge.. To still change with a cold and wind of those and in that apartment that everybody banished. Half zonzo of sleep, after all works twenty and four hours, right-hander and sleeps only one hour, looked at for the clock and saw that it needed to sleep more. – My God, who thing, necessary to sleep. It balanced the head.

Raquel Ricardo

The illustrious personages carry out a stuffed action of noble attitudes, of courage, but where the protagonist, person joust and without guilt, walks in direction to the disaster or the death, victim of a destination that does not obtain to be successful. Comumente, between us, modern, the word ' ' tragdia' ' one became usual application to assign a painful, catastrophic event, folloied of many victims, or still to describe the outcome of a passion any that resulted in a horrible murder. For the Greeks, however, tragiks was another thing. The tragedy above all defined an artistic form, or something that only occurred between the great personages. It can be said that a tragic spectacle easily presents certain characteristics identified by the public. In first place, the dignity of the fall must be left clear, that is, the undisputed dignity of the personage.

The hero always will be admittedly great, important, that he obtains to keep in situations exactly highly adverse the moral integrity. If the case of the victim does not understand as tragedy to be somebody without will, lead as if it was a deficient one for the disaster, an unconscious marionette of deuses. E, finally, the tragedy results of an absolute lack of solution. The workmanship Comes to see putting of the sun, counts the history of Raquel Ricardo, two young boyfriends, who by chance of the destination are taken the separation. Raquel changes it for a older man and Ricardo invites unresigned to see it its last put-do-sun, where already it had all deliberate one to kill it. Exactly married with a rich and jalousie man, Raquel goes to the meeting of Ricardo, that, after rejected and living in the poverty, it insisted so that together they attended a last put-do-sun. Uncurling of history is taken by a cold and frightful environment, inuciosamente described for the author.