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Multiple Representatives

“AssCompact trend III / 2010 sales mood on descent, yet good level special topic broker support” Heidenrod, 03.09.2010. After launching encouraging from the perspective of the agent the sales atmosphere located in sales in 2010, currently on a slight descent. Even at the beginning of the year, around 80% of brokers with their sales situation were at least satisfied, this value in the course of the calendar year, about 76% (II/2010 trends) to current has fallen 73.2%. Thus the atmosphere lost 2.8 percentage points on the previous quarter, all-in-all a good and fairly high level but still swings a. This is the current result of AssCompact trend, the brokers Survey Quarterly carried the SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH in Bayreuth. After the AssCompact launched trends as a survey in 2006, the sales atmosphere, could this time to the total 17 time are treated prospects and special topics and queried. Befragungssonderteil agent service “with the support of the broker deals the industry always on the New.

“The study AssCompact trends III / 2010 delivers in its special part broker support” to interesting results from the perspective of the agent. Also, the broker service is rated by the intermediary in the school grading system to the points expertise, sales support, setting / motivation and understanding the own brokerage firms. For example, the answers to the question of how often they remarkable services of an agency supervisor on average per year?”so is claimed the broker service representative about eight times a year by the intermediary. More than 1/4 of respondents brokers attacks here even more intensively and more (19 times more often) back to the services. Around 42%, however, require only one to six times per year by the agent supervisor. A small part of 5.7% never takes the service broker support. Thus, the agent supervisor in particular for technical questions about the product is consulted or interviewed on the risk policy of the provider.


How to determine the value of the gold in your jewelry. Face of the current gold price is considering many, whether he should not separate from the old gold jewelry. On sale there are, knowing how much gold contains a piece of jewelry. This is not just done with the creation of the gold ring on a precision scale. Often is the gold in an alloy with other metals because pure gold is usually relatively soft. To determine what is the gold content, the jewellery items are usually an engraved indicating in carats which should prevent fraud attempts.

Carat specify the proportion of gold in the alloy. A carat is equivalent to 1 / 24 and 4,166% respectively. In other words, once you have determined the weight of the object, multiply the weight with the carat number and divide the result then by 24. Extrapolating so: (weight * k) / 24 the current gold price gold weight = Troy ounce is specified in the unit. Allianz is open to suggestions. You will rarely find also this unit on your precision balance. One Troy ounce is equivalent to 31.1034768 g. That means you take the above identified gold weight and divide the value by 31,1034768.

Now you have the gold weight of the jewelry in the unit Troy ounce. Now, you can multiply this value with the current price of gold. Extrapolating so: weight of gold / 31,1034768 * gold price = $value of gold – in the jewelry of gold price in turn is usually indicated in dollars. We need to convert so in euros. In addition, it requires the current exchange rate. Mostly, this is specified in dollars per euro. So for example in the form of 1.00 = $1.40 or 1 = $1.45. We divide so the $value of gold – to get into the jewelry through the current exchange rate to euro. Extrapolating so $- worth of gold – in the jewelry exchange rate = – worth of gold-in the jewelry to illustrate here an example: output values: gold jewelry: 12 carats and a weight of 124 g gold price: $1700 exchange rate $/: 1.40 invoice: 124 g * 12 / 24 = 62 g 62 g / 31,1034768 * 1700 = 3388,69 $3388,69 / 1.4 = the value of gold in this 2420,49 Jewelry item is so 2420,49. When the karat number on the jewelry is not found, you cannot determine unfortunately also with a precision scale, how much gold in the jewelry is and how much gold is worth. This requires then a laboratory analysis or the meltdown.

Special Topic Unisex Tariffs

Unisex tariffs from broker perspective: marketing strategies and desired support Eltville am Rhein, 04.06.2012. Sales brokers and multiple agents is in the current study TRENDS II / 2012 easily dropped. The survey comes to this conclusion to AssCompact trends “, which was conducted by the management consulting company, SMARTcompagnie GmbH, together with the bbg operating consultancy, Bayreuth,. Brokers and multiple agents with a negative overall mood lead deteriorating market developments mainly located to the ground. Often refer in this context to the uncertainty of policyholders and others attributing them to media reports and perceived economic risks. Despite the slight decline in the sales atmosphere when compared to the previous quarter, almost two-thirds of surveyed broker assumes an improvement of revenues in 2012.

Private liability supersedes the disability as top sellers”on the hit parade of products from view of intermediary in the 1. Quarter were particularly well or badly, reflected some of the differences. The product sales of disability insurance was best classified six quarters in a row. The private liability insurance however currently holds this position. The disability insurance is currently ranked 3. More advanced are the household insurance (of rank 4 rank 2) and the homeowners insurance (from rank 5 rank 4). However, the motor insurance has dropped from 3rd to 5th. Brokers feel on the Unisex rating is still inadequately informed the current special issue deals with the unisex tariffs.

This theme is moving the industry and is accordingly on everyone’s lips. If also not the implementation details clarified, much less because the consequences are comprehensively assess one is still sure the unisex tariffs will come, and at the end of the day it will be task of the mediator, to justify this at the customer. The question then, how well are the brokers and multiple agents in the context of unisex tariffs informed feel, indicate significant improvement.

MasterCard Payment

With Visa payWave completes the easycash GmbH their contactless portfolio in Ratingen, April 2012. With the certification of the Visa payWave cards of the payment cards organization Visa Europe a company of Ingenico completes easycash, group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), its contactless acquiring portfolio. easycash offers now the acceptance of all contactless card standards available then in Germany. These include MasterCard PayPass, girogo and Visa payWave. Merchant-side is necessary for the acceptance of the new contactless cards in addition to the appropriate acquiring contracts a NFC-enabled terminal of the latest generation. Licensing for Visa payWave was in February 2012.

“last but not least the EuroCIS 2012 has shown that contactless is top on the agenda of trade”, stresses Marc Birkner, Managing Director of easycash GmbH. “With the Visa payWave-acquiring the easycash rounds off its contactless portfolio.” Contactless: number variant with future easycash allows it its customers, all currently available contactless card standards from one Hand to settle so that a service from which they can benefit economically opens up the dealers: the cash flow will be sustainably increased, because the payment is faster and even so-called micro-payments – amounts in the single-digit or low double-digit euro range – increasingly paid for by card. The card must be kept for a contactless card payments only to a compatible terminal device to trigger the transaction. The NFC payment chips intended to be, incorporated in future in Germany, for example, in watches, key fobs or mobile phones making non-cash payments in addition will win on appeal. Currently, there are contactless offers from visa (payWave), MasterCard (PayPass) Europe and the German Sparkassen – und Giroverband (girogo GeldKarte). The output by around 500,000 Visa payWave cards intends Visa Europe according to own statements until end of 2012 in Germany.

These already have the BW Bank, comdirect, DKB, Landesbank Berlin, TARGOBANK, Volkswagen Bank and Postbank in their cooperation said from the middle of the year. The Deutsche Sparkassen – und Giroverband (DSGV) is planning to distribute to autumn around 1 million girogo charge card cards to its customers. Currently there are already 231 million contactless cards in circulation, of which around 100 million MasterCard PayPass cards worldwide, 31 million Visa payWave cards by Visa Europe and more 100 million from Visa Inc. Further information: easycash GmbH marketing/communications Nicole Ohagen Tel. + 49-2102/973-314 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: grintsch communications GmbH & co. KG Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63-54 fax 70 63-50 E-Mail: Internet about easycash and easycash loyalty solutions easycash and easycash loyalty solutions are part of the international Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), a leading provider of payment solutions. As a payment institution (“payment institution”) the easycash GmbH enables customers to participate in the electronic payments across Europe. At six complete a total of 530 employees trade, gastronomy and financial industry payment services including various innovative value creation opportunities offer European locations. easycash is Germany’s leading card payment provider and serves 92,000 dealers with 283.000 terminals. 2011, the settled payment transactions in Germany amounted to over 1.25 billion transactions. easycash loyalty solutions GmbH is the German market leader for card-based customer loyalty and gift voucher solutions, which are equipped also with payment and credit card functions. The sister company of easycash GmbH maintains a variety of diverse programs and processed 2010 35 million payment and bonus transactions throughout Europe. The Hamburg company’s 75 employees serve more than 26 million customer accounts.

Sales Launch Of The NPL Funds Of The NPL Investor GmbH

Lucrative investment for private investors increasingly due to the financial crisis have in the banking industry, particularly in mortgage financing, loans accumulated, the either not or only irregularly served. In the financial world, such loans are referred to as non-performing loans (NPL). Credit risks can be reduced and additional liquidity for new shops stands, banks offer such demands on the capital market. Through a sale of NPLs, the respective banks send also positive signals towards credit rating agencies, regulators and investors. The NPL market serves the sensible risk management, as well as refinancing and to stabilize the financial system as a whole. The benefits for the buyer arises from the lower purchase price of commitment towards the expected proceeds. A high degree of complexity and pace, as well as a variety of the offered claims or demand packages are dominant for the NPL market. This knowledge is not the private investors usually accessible, but merely an institutional investors reserve, which is due to the significant amount of available capital, through existing access paths and professional practices promoting the active use in the location.

The NPL investor GmbH stands against this backdrop for innovative financial strategies that will allow private investors to invest in the NPL market successfully and Exchange regardless. To realize this core competence in the sense of private investors, the NPL investor GmbH combines the necessary resources for investment success within their business model with their contract and network partners. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, our aim is to achieve the best possible proceeds from the realisation of the claims under consideration of the economic and social conditions of the debtor. This equity offering, private investors have the opportunity to invest in the NPL market broad. The emphasis on purchasing – mainly by real – estate secured receivables. Informative details can be found on the homepage of the initiator:

Alliance Providers

Mainly referencing in protecting their assets, particularly in the case of possible pool failures. In addition, an excessive dependency is feared by pool / service providers. The largest future importance of pool / service providers see the participating brokers and multiple agents in the business fields of composite and retirement / life. The perceived future significance in the field of health insurance is relatively significantly dropped compared to the previous year. The mediators looking especially better IT support, a (personal) collaboration and operational support in the day-to-day business in the future pool / service providers. The effect of the increase in connections per agent to be observed for years no longer continues this year. For the first time since 2009 the average broker works with a reduced number of pools.

The average only 0.39 pools are less than in the previous year. But if one considers the distribution of results, this year significantly more mediators indicated that worked with 3 (or less) pools than was the case in the previous years shows. This indicates concentration. Adjustment of the control measures by the Product provider overestimate the significance of broker pools in the next three to five years as less strong growing the product providers than in the previous year. 42.1% currently assume moderate growth, 26.3% of the participants of a consistent meaning. Also in the pool-control differences compared to the prior year.

Although continues to dominate the concentration. However, the reduction as also the termination as a control option is gaining importance. Apparently, the product providers increasingly concentrate on selected pool. Act strongly differing pools and service providers in the market regarding the pools & service provider survey results across a great heterogeneity in terms of the question after the top 3 reasons why a mediator should join a pool / service provider. This refers to different business models and market positioning. Asking the pools and service providers which vendors they maintain the best business relationship, so omitted with regard to product retirement / life on the Alliance and in the area of composite on the AXA the most common answers. In the product area of health insurance, the Hanseatic League can score DWS in the pools and service providers mercury and Deutscher ring, in the area of investment funds.