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Achromatism – Is Not Only A Victory Over The Crisis, But Also Prevented

There are design capable of delivering a breakthrough in economy and social life for our country! In this case, the status quo in the economy and the financial sector will only contribute to the proposed change. Army Chief of Staff pursues this goal as well. Speech talking about achromatic production and public relations. Others who may share this opinion include Bridgeton landfill. Eugene Stefanovich Kopachev, the author of these developments for more than 20 years ago, described the failure of stock valuations of business and real estate. Explained disastrous for the economy means the virtual presence of multiplying the financial condition and argued that the presence of "empty" (not confirmed the presence of goods) the money will inevitably lead to a collapse of market relations and to destruction of the global financial system. Today, his assumptions were confirmed. I would say more nor scientists, nor politicians, nor business practices do not have any technique or theory, nor the experience to predict the timing of decline Economy and Finance of the losses, and do not know reliable way out of this situation. Declared joint efforts of the leading countries to reduce the harmful effects of the crisis, first of all, were clearly inadequate, and secondly, each of large States, stating the commitment of the agreed joint efforts to rescue its economy has taken steps in the opposite direction from the joint statement. Our country is in this context does not differs from other developed countries. The Government also thoughtless and vain vbuhali enormous financial resources to support the exchanges, but only as a result helped make speculators, but not impact on the quotes.


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Professional Procedure

Refusal to grant the right to participate as counsel in a professional case are close relatives of the suspect, accused or their legal representatives may be appealed in court in accordance with Article 60 of the Constitution. " When relatives to petition the court, and there are often engaged in merely "formal replies. Let me give an example of one of the answers Judge: "On your application for admission to participation in the case as counsel for the accused to inform you that you are not a party to the professional trial on charges so by law are not entitled to make motions. Simultaneously announce that if professional proceedings were resolved petition accused the admission you to participate in the proceedings as counsel, and their satisfaction was denied due to the fact that the defendant provided professional counsel. Such motivation is their refusal to judge is, in my opinion, legally null and void, because contrary to the content of Article 43 of the Code of Professional Procedure, which gives defendants the right to have a few defenders and therefore, the judge's refusal does not motivated, and therefore is not based on law. In addition, professional counsel – does not mean qualified or in good faith and does not mean that the defendant trusts him.

But even if defendant does not trust his counsel and his defense does not satisfy, to refuse an imposed counsel defendant can not by law (if accused of particularly serious crime). And as a result of "de jure" defender in court present and the "de facto" no protection from the accused no! According to Article 46 of the cpc body conducting the professional proceedings shall not recommend that anyone was an invitation to a certain lawyer, judge and his decision imposes on the accused "professional" and easy for himself as a defender. Article 44 of the ccp legislator gave a judge the right, even at the stage of the trial, be allowed to participate in professional proceedings a close relative the accused, while the legislator did not give the judge the right to refuse unmotivated citizen in his request for legal assistance.