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Management One

The storm is where you know the good pilot. Seneca General function of markets increasingly faces is new knowledge, tools that favor him in its objectives, scope and ensure the company achievements, most current scenarios where marketing is manifested more dynamics and where companies that have been prepared for this purpose are able to conquer and remain in the markets, satisfying their consumers. Since 1990, the concept of customer-oriented marketing is refined, and it begins to create products and services aimed at people in particular, with the use of complex computer systems able to identify specific clients and their specific needs. From here the importance of highlighting which one by one are no exhaustive investigations and which so far exists as bibliographic material on the trend of marketing is concentrated, mostly in the author Don Peppers along with his partner and colleague Martha Rogers, who succeeded through this new concept a increased loyalty and customer satisfaction and a rapid growth of the margins of profit to United States companies. Nature, scope and implications in a world where marketing and supply are ever-changing, it is necessary that meets the customer in the best way; not only in the service, but the interrelationship that exists between the consumer and a business. He says, that we have always dreamed of having specific product with certain specifications, however, we are satisfied with obtaining any similar product; the truth, that the possibility that our suggestions are met and our tastes are known individually, is now a reality with a Marketing one. Marketing one to one is the relationship between a company and its customers, through which are known and determined individual of these tastes, their consumption habits, frequency of purchase, etc., in order to focus on, by the company, all its efforts and strategies, to ensure the total consumer loyalty the effort to know to customers and offer products with the best characteristics for each, has made that companies fall into the account of this effort to get to know them, it can be better exploited if you change the traditional philosophy of marketing, which consists of developing mass production of one or a few products and then look for those who serve him. .