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New Heavens

For the illusion of the external manifestations and is the main, the main meaning of the work. "And she began a new earth and new heavens" as well, or approximately so, I must say the master (artist), hypocrisy turning on their creativity. In this article I want to reflect on the state of culture and art, painting, as well as the possible developments, how can I see it. Good and evil become visible, we can already understand and distinguish. Jeff Flake pursues this goal as well. The current fine, with the permission say "art" based on universal principles of primitive life today, "buy – sell, fill open spaces of streets and galleries, thank God, not all, of the Internet. Sell at any price, forgetting that this is the way in nowhere, and that wild market here will not do, will only get worse and worse. The habit of surviving ulcer velas in our souls! But the real art elitist thing and piece, and requires special, individual relationship.

The image of the cine "Craver" brilliantly played by Mr. Vitsin, with painted swans on the "soviet" market who says: "I am a mermaid more money," seems prophetic and immortal! "People are speechless! The proud name of the artist discredited, in the language of a primitive society of consumption, is omitted. Believe it should be, and there is nothing in the world except this glamorous sticky sweet platitudes that prevails nowadays almost anywhere. Almost all things! "People are speechless! No order for the national masterpiece! Oh, and the people, something not yet seen.

Objective Organization

We do not have either to forget that to obtain a total communication, the same codes and the same language must be used. 3. All order or disposition must have an objective, a goal, is necessary to clarify that the fulfillment of that order has importance and that no to do suitably will bring it negative consequences for the organization. The development of conflicts is one of the majors headaches of the heads who not yet count on experience in direction subjects, nevertheless is not healthy to consider that all the conflicts are injurious, since after a conflict the equipment generally manages to arrive at solutions or very valuable initiatives. It will depend on the skill of the head who the conflict provides positive results or that on the contrary causes cracks to the interior of the equipment. A good head must leave the conflict flows, but also she must know when it is necessary to take part. Another fundamental aspect is to assume from a beginning that we are working with people who since already we have commented need to be listened to, that requires of resources and infrastructure to be able to carry out their workings. Also they need motivation, to know which is the objective of the organization and to feel suitably compensated.

All these aspects comprise of the management of the human talent in a company, reason why he is recommendable to always work with the permanent support of the direction or management of human resources after maintaining labor a climate suitable. If after to apply these measures even there are members of the equipment that do not show their support to us, he is recommendable to take to the bull by the horns and to ask the person for the origin of its attitude since the solution can be easy. In case we do not secure positive results with all the members of its equipment, is not necessary to frustrate to us since often we were with people whose attitude does not fit in the organization, reason why then will be necessary to take another type from decisions by the well-being of the equipment. I consider that if we followed these advice, we will count in a moment on an equipment conformed by people who will show their support to us which will be translated in majors initiatives, major persistence and dedication at the time of carrying out the entrusted tasks.