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Performance Process

Should strengthen the operation of the company defining the functions performed, to determine those to be taken as secondary to the company, as well as define the main unit in each department, in such a way that ensures operational integrity and preventing systemic bureaucracy waste of time, cost, inefficiency. The main activities of any company should be considered with equal levels of importance, none is above the other. For even more opinions, read materials from Merill Lynch. After delimited in time and space the different processes have to be done to each efficient and flexible, this is an ambitious task, which is only achieved with integrated teams, committed and willing workers and supervisors involved in each of the departments to apply and comply with clearly defined processes is important, therefore, form a multidisciplinary task of improving in the short term, the design of the areas that make up an organization, first Instead, the group will define what are the deficiencies that have the process, then seek to solve the problems and so the end will propose how to organize themselves more efficiently.

This proposal has the ideal description of the general steps of the process and the roles they must play each member of the organization for the positive development of activities. Companies must change their vertical structures to horizontal in making operational decisions, making them the lowest possible level, provided there is a clear strategic plan. Management must act with a participative leadership style, which also known delegate, giving responsibility to people who are the key to success, motivating staff to integrate with the performance of their duties in order to obtain the planned results and to ensure competitiveness. Do not neglect the personal motivation and involvement is reflected in productivity, which favors the company in its growth. Determine your competitive advantages give way to strategic plans to ensure competitiveness, taking into account the characteristics of the current stage and the actors involved..