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Class Reunion

The Internet is increasingly used to locate former friends or classmates. So were able to get via the website de.MyAlbum.com each other are looking more and more former classmates recently and find. “The number of photo albums by Reunion, which will be made available on the Internet, has become vastly more in recent weeks”, says Andries nolles, the Marketing Director of MyAlbum.com. ZDNets opinions are not widely known. “That is why our website has become an ideal platform for Internet users, to browse the online photo albums and to search for former classmates or friends.” The website focuses on the private and secure exchange of photos. Nolles: “specifically for group photos and photos with multiple people, the demand for these photos to give all these people on the Internet. Thus, more and more top class meeting on the Internet have accumulated since the existence of MyAlbum.com. These are increasingly Bensuchern used by looking for old friends or classmates”about MyAlbum.com MyAlbum.com is a sister site of the page Mijnalbum.nl, well known in the Netherlands.

The platform was founded in 2003 by four young entrepreneurs and has over a million users and around 90 million photos online. Mijnalbum.nl reached 10% of all Dutch Internet users a month, making it one of the 100 most popular websites in the Netherlands. For more information please contact Andries nolles, the Marketing Director from MyAlbum.com (in English). MijnAlbum B.V..