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Andres Antelo Street

It has occurred in the number 13 from Andres Antelo Street, in the neighborhood of tall. The deceased are twins for about 10 years. The children’s mother was working. Agents of the national police have arrested the stepfather of two twins murdered two brothers in about ten years, this Sunday in A Coruna, for his alleged relationship with his death, according to municipal sources have confirmed. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Schiff . Event occurred passes the 16 hours in the afternoon on a third floor of number 13 of the street Andres Antelo, in the neighborhood of Monte Alto, in which the detained man has allegedly killed two minors. The national police has ruled out that the death of children is due to an act of violence against women. According to investigation sources, the mother of children, Maria, 35 years and works as a waitress, she was working at the time of the event. The sanitary emergency service contacted 112 on 16,55 hours to request the presence of psychologists on-site to cater to the mother. The site of the event has been a great expectation of neighbors who have commented that the family was not well known, because he had little time to live in the neighborhood. The judge has declared a gag. Source of the news: they found two children dead in a house in A Coruna and arrested her stepfather