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Consumers Ill-prepared

Poll: Many consumers negligence in dealing with sensitive data / manufacturer provide free software to the mobile phone. Hardly another device in everyday life reveals so much about its owner. There were earlier diaries or personal information manager, it is the memory contents of cell phones, which reveals plenty about the way of life and the character of its users today: photos, videos, text messages, phone numbers and addresses of best friends, colleagues, and business partners. Fidelity Investments is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But only a few users are likely to can estimate what it’s like to lose this valuable data on always. Not enough so that at least phone numbers must be laboriously recovered after a loss.

The uncertainty should be barely tolerable, who now accesses the data that perhaps abused them even at the end. Under most conditions Royal Alliance Associates Inc. would agree. It is not only the own data, finally slumber in addition received text messages or photos of acquaintances, friends, or business associates in the mobile phone. Nevertheless, the majority of consumers is still fairly lax sensitive data around, as shown in a new survey of the E-Plus Group with the Handelsblatt: only about one in three (28%) another third of respondents backs up its data regularly, at least every now and then. And 40 percent do not back up their data at all. While a backup is easy, for example on their home PC. Provider of mobile terminal equipment supply now useful programs for the home PC, the copying of the data significantly he-easier. After a simple installation of the software data from the phone on a regular basis on the hard drive can be also easily edit a feature of the software. Who observe some basic rules, complicates the data access at least the Finder. So you should drop all highly sensitive data such as text messages or contacts on the SIM card instead of in the public phone.