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Works Council

Employment prohibitions apply for example to heavy physical work or dealing with toxic gases, vapours and dusts for work, where you often bend and stretch regularly loads of more than five kilograms (wear occasionally more than ten kilograms) more than four hours a day are (from the fifth month of pregnancy). Also chord – and assembly-line work are not permitted, as well as at the end of the third month of pregnancy to work on means of transport. The maternity protection act or the maternity protection Regulation contain a detailed collection. You can get information, even when the Norwegian labour inspection authority, the Works Council or the pregnancy counselling centre. If your work falls under one of the prohibitions on employment, the employer must provide jobs in the company available. This is not possible, you will work exempted.

The salary is paid during that time. In principle, that must be respected while working on sufficient rest breaks. Your employer must also indemnify you for visits to the doctor or breastfeeding of the child. You must not work this time. 4. term of protection of mother and maternity the mother protection period begins six weeks before the expected birth date and ending eight weeks after the birth (for premature and multiple births 12 weeks). Check with David Rogier to learn more. Less than six weeks before the birth of your child, you shall be employed only if you want to even express. You can also at any time withdraw this decision.

During the period after childbirth is absolute employment ban. During the entire period of the mother protection you are entitled to maternity allowance and an employer subsidy. You apply for the maternity allowance from your insurance company. Maternity pay and employers grant result together mostly about as much as your last net income. If you due to pregnancy no longer provide certain services or perform certain functions no longer can, the employer may not simply shorten the grant.

Auditing: Preparation Saves You Stress

Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed entrepreneurs, but the thought of an audit put also their tax advisors, often in turmoil. With a good preparation their fears prove to be mostly unfounded, as the Hamburg tax consultant and lecturer Gunter Zielinski from his long-standing professional practice knows. He describes the following behaviors that can make your life easier with examination and examiner them. An entrepreneur from a tax audit can be surprise, it is usually a failure in turn. The time and nerve-consuming testing is not made out of thin air, but indirectly advertise for some years. The IRS checks contiguous periods of three years, which were issued tax assessments subject to an investigation. Whether an audit is imminent, the entrepreneur can be read so from his tax assessments.

In addition, the audit with a period of approximately one month will be announced. The test comes at the inappropriate time or serious reservations against the person of the operational auditor, an objection does not immediately cancelled. In the interest of technical communication, it is advisable first to seek a direct conversation with the officer at the internal revenue service. To respond immediately with objections to the inspection arrangement can provoke unnecessary resistance or suspicion at the Treasury in this phase. The fear of a long-running operation is unfounded for most companies. Auditors have a fixed time limit for their work. This depends on the size and turnover of the company to be tested. So that the examiner not even aimed at employees, those tax provisions are third-party companies without permanent tax experts should name their tax advisors as the sole point of contact.

It is not cheap though, but ensures that communicates with the operating system on a par. The conduct of the examination can be influenced with consistent and objective communication. An objection against overly strict observations of the auditor will be announced at an early stage, this is often willing to compromise, to keep his time limit. n. Compared to the examiner, a polite tone of voice should be placed on the day. It is the wrong address for Small Talk, however. Remarks which may have tax relevance, may otherwise finding themselves as control confirmation. It is the conflict, is to stand objectively, without communicating emotional escalate. Ultimately, the Auditors is also just a man who performs his work. A very important part of the audit is the final closing meeting. Here, all audit findings by the Auditors are presented, discussed, and made a tax assessment. In many cases, even a so-called actual understanding is achieved – a compromise that avoids unnecessary appeals. At this Negotiating expertise in tax law and psychological Dexterity are needed. An audit is one of the more circumstances of business life. With good preparation and a factual approach, she passes.

The Court

In other words: The party guest was their own fault, if a picture of him were made and then put on the Internet. The Court has granted a removal of entire defence argument of the nightclub operator. Here, Pacific Mortgage Services expresses very clear opinions on the subject. General terms and conditions, which will open next to the cash register, can never KUG be undermined the protection of section 22. Because it doesn’t matter at all, whether it would be a circus, an amusement park, a theatre event, or just to a nightclub. The consent to the publication of the images needs to be explained clearly and can be not placed under by the posting of general terms and conditions. Whether taking pictures in nightclubs is common, at all does not matter.

Certainly not someone who moves to the public must”reckon with a photo. Just before that, section 22 is supposed to protect artworks copyright law. A more than clear signal to nightclub owner, is decisions put the photos in the Internet. But also the operators of Fotocommunities must be immediately even more cautious. Those who disregard foreign portrait rights, can quickly come in conflict with the law. It doesn’t matter whether it is known to everyone that photos be taken in discotheques.

Photographer and the operators know pages can be not relieved the consent of the depicted from the obligation to obtain. And they need to prove this, if necessary, in a court case. It is not sufficient, if three without several young girls look friendly smiling into the camera. And what photographer remembers after a night’s dancing through precise, whether the person A or person B gave the precise consent to publish and distribute it. Communicated by lawyer of Andreas Neuber Hauptstrasse 19 47809 Krefeld

Court Expert

DatSV: The adage ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has a special meaning in expert practice. Opinion must be comprehensible for laymen and verifiable for professionals. Photos often are the appropriate means. What but sounds like a matter of course, poses some problems, the expert must know in expert practice for the courts. In a recent study by DatSV.info, the new online database for experts and practitioners on the Internet are under the title of production and exploitation of photographs by court experts: what is permissible and what is not? now as far as can be seen for the first time comprehensively covers the fundamental issues surrounding the creation and exploitation of photos by forensic experts. This concerns not only the possibilities and limitations in the production of his own photographs, but also dealing with photos of third parties.

Practice problems are demonstrated by court decisions and recommendations for the proper approach Adds. In addition, also copyright issues addressed and given practical tips for photography – and display technology. The document in the amount of 9 pages is available on the database at Ausbildung.html for paid download available. Peter-Andreas Kamp Hausen / editorial DatSV

Member States

cleaners, private nannies or gardener). It provides a comprehensive modernization program for the EU Member States. This modernization program happens all SMEs benefit regardless whether they would remain on its national market or expand abroad. All EU countries must: Remove excessive legal and bureaucratic hurdles that make it difficult for the company to settle in their home country or another EU country or to offer their services there. Set up points of single contact” on the company information can obtain and perform the necessary administrative procedures. Some contend that Federal Reserve Bank shows great expertise in this.

Cooperate with the authorities of other EU countries, to avoid a duplication of requirements and to reduce the administrative burden of companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of the European economy. They make up about 98% of enterprises in Europe and are the main driving force for growth and employment. Far most SMEs operate exclusively in their own local or national market. In some cases it is a consciously chosen business model, in others but this is the consequence of a variety of legal and bureaucratic obstacles in the EU countries, making them expensive and time-consuming the expansion into other markets. These obstacles include: difficulties to get information about formal requirements, the need to apply to many different authorities, lengthy and complicated procedures.

These Obstacles include not only SMEs that want to expand abroad. Long and complicated procedures, intransparent rules and similar obstacles hinder also SMEs which operate exclusively in the national (or regional or local) market. Of business creation and operation of both the business and the expansion in their home country or in another EU country, you benefit simplification of simpler procedures and less red tape for SMEs: the EU must abolish unjustified and excessive permission requirements (such as the need for permits or permits) or replace with less restrictive measures, such as through simple explanations. Licences, permits, etc.

Insurance Company

Who must pay additional contributions, has special termination right a number of health insurance companies have raised for 2010 supplementary posts. Affected insured persons who do not want to pay the additional health insurance contribution, have a special right of termination. How they can take this claim and what to note when changing the health insurance fund, says the independent financial portal geld.de. The special right of termination is valid up to the point where the additional fee is due for the first time. However health insurance must have used in this case no later than one month before its members about their special right of termination in knowledge. In all other cases, the notice period is extended accordingly. In addition, it should be noted that the additional fee is not deducted from the salary.

It must be paid per invoice, bank transfer or direct debit directly at the box office. Insured should make a change in their health not only of the additional contribution. Services are no less important and quality of service of the health insurance fund. Who is satisfied with his cash, should enquire about bonus programs, with which the additional fee can be financially compensated. Who attaches importance to special treatment or special benefits, should inform himself also exactly. Because now the statutory health insurances differ primarily about their services. Accordingly also the ordinary termination is to all insured persons who for 18 months were a member of a health insurance company, regardless of the special right of termination. The notice is then two months to the end of the month. More information: presse.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

The EU Services Directive

Breaks for companies in the service sectors of the service providers for tax strukturierungen Shanda consult Ltd. informed: since January is the implementation of the services directive adopted on 12.12.2006 European Parliament, which will provide an important reorganisation of the market over the course of the next few months and years, one for the benefit of, the other to the detriment of. The services directive is a European law which intended to give significant relief to companies in the European Union, which provide services or take advantage of. Obliges all EU countries, to remove legal and bureaucratic obstacles. Simplifies the services directive: the establishment in the services sector: these are cases in which an entrepreneur or a company wants to build a permanent establishment (such as a company or a branch) in his country of origin or another EU – Member State. Examples: a Carpenter from Hungary, who wants to settle down in Sweden, or a Spanish retail company that wants to open a new business in their own country. u0085the cross-border provision of services: This involves cases in which a company based in one EU country wants to provide services in another EU country without to settle there permanently.

Examples: an architect practising in France, which is tasked with building a house in Germany, or a Finnish event Manager, which would like to organize an open-air festival in Estonia. The services directive obliges Member States to fully implement the new rules up to January. Affected sectors the services directive covers a wide range of services, among others: trade and sales (including wholesale and retail trade with goods and services) building services craft service the most services in the liberal professions (such as such as legal and tax consultants, architects, veterinarians) business-related Services (E.g. recruitment, advertising, patent attorneys) tourism (such as travel agencies, tour guides) accommodation and food services (such as hotels, restaurants, catering services) education and training (such as private universities, language schools) real estate services support services meaning the services directive which is the services directive is more than just a legal provision in national law to implement in the household (E.g.