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Volcanic Eruption

Force majeure in the travel law – attorney Benjamin Chiumento informs the ash cloud following eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull again resulted in a lockdown of airspace across Great Britain and Ireland. What rights resulting for the traveller, depends on various factors. Lawyer Benjamin Chiumento of firm Dr. Kroll & partners from Reutlingen informed about the legal implications of the volcanic eruption on Iceland for passengers and tour operators: Because volcanic eruptions is a force majeure, both the customers and the travel organiser may withdraw from the travel contract. With package holidays the whole travel price can only be refunded if already cancelled the departure. Filed under: Cuan Coulter.

However, cancellation costs must be borne according to a decision of the Federal Court of Justice in 1989, half of customer and tour operators. It is more difficult if the flight goes down. The tour operator is indeed obliged to ensure that the costs for the transportation It must be worn however half of the customers. Other costs must be completely taken over by the customer. There are no claims for damages. Who has booked a flight, you may require a free rebooking on a later flight or the refund of the fare.

As well, the traveller has the right to meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation, accommodation, two free telephone calls. The EU passenger rights regulation applies only for flights from airports in the EU are taken out or end up in such. Lawyer Dr. Kroll & partner advises and represents clients in all legal matters with many years of experience. The law firm focused on business law was founded in 1953 and is now represented in addition to Reutlingen in offices in Stuttgart, Tubingen and Balingen. Dynamic growth and highly specialized teams ensure a competent advice and comprehensive advice to the clients. A complete round support and personal advice is available at the Office of Dr. Kroll & partner to foreground. Press contact: lawyer Dr. Kroll & partner Eberhard str.

The Policyholder

Then, insurance intermediaries are obliged to the damages caused by the breach of advice-related duties the policyholder. This consulting liability was regulated both brokers and agents by law, which previously had laid down the law, but only for insurance agents. Now, as liability insurance representative can be taken. In the past, only the represented insurance sticks for their misconduct. The policyholder is, insofar as his person and whose situation for this occasion, according to his wishes and needs to consult and to advise properly and appropriately. In addition, are the reasons for him giving advice to document ( 61 VVG).

What size and what content must have the documentation required by law, however, is not clarified in detail. Also the insurance intermediary is obliged by the policyholder, the information above to submit the agreement clear and understandable in text form ( 62 VVG). However, the law on the breach of this obligation is no claim for damages. Basically, the insurance shall bear the burden of proof that a claim for damages for breach of the duty of consultation requirements are met. Case law has developed but principles to the burden of risks and responsibilities.

Therefore required by an insurance broker, that he sets out in a process, to what extent he wants to have informed the policyholder, enlightened and advise (the so-called secondary discourse of load). Burden of proof to be allowed to the policyholder to to the reversal of the burden of proof. As far as an insurance intermediary has documented the granted Council and its reasons and submits this to the policyholder prior to conclusion of the contract, will that not difficult it usually. He injured the documentation obligation imposed on him by law, but he bears the evidence risk.

The Dangers Of A Cease And Desist!

On the 23.10..2010 right in the ARD reported in the guide about a case in which a mother is invited to pay 45,000 euros. On the 23.10.2010 right in the ARD reported in the guide about a case in which a mother is invited to pay 45,000 euros. Preceded by a warning because of illegal filesharing in so-called Internet sharing, which the mother received three years ago is this request for payment. At that time paid already 7,000 euros as punishment. Also, the wife had signed a cease and desist in the rest assured not to commit the infringement.

A contractual penalty in the amount of 5.000 euro should be paid in breach of this obligation. By the same author: Cuan Coulter. This case has now occurred. Overall, nine breaches have been identified. This example speaks once again that a cease and desist before signing should be considered first. This is not carefully done, it can lead to extensive further consequences.

After all the declarant for 30 years is committed to a failure. In the cease and desist the declarant undertakes a specific unlawful conduct to refrain from. Is a cease and desist, the declarant is no longer possible to refrain from consuming. The cease and desist eliminates the “risk required for an injunction or restraining order”. The risk can be eliminated only if the declarant in the cease and desist in the case of a further infringement committed to pay a reasonable penalty. Otherwise, the Declaration of discontinuance may be rejected by the rights holder. On the enforcement of a claim for damages, the Declaration has no effect. The enforcement will remain as before. To eliminate the risk and to avoid court proceedings, never issued the Declaration included in the warning. A modified explanations, a so-called modified Cease and desist, is suitable to eliminate the risk of repetition, as long as the declarant is committed itself, that criticized behavior refrain and the Declaration is sufficiently decreed him. Depends on each individual case, how far is the cease and desist to grasp. Many titles were for the upload ready kept, it may be advisable to include the Declaration of discontinuance (first a title is warned off, a short time later the next) to prevent subsequent cease and desist letters. If you have any questions about a cease and desist contact us without obligation for a free initial assessment under 07151 2095528. Her Tobias Arnold

Inheritance: Binding Effect For Inheritors

Testament and inheritance can be revoked In the inheritance law the binding effect of testamentary dispositions plays an important role. Still, it is easiest to override the rules in a unilateral will again. If one is reached of the will to believe, that the rules no longer correspond to the current state of affairs in the Testament, then you can easily build a so-called withdrawal will and eliminate the legal effect of the testamentary first available this way. (A valuable related resource: Cuan Coulter). You can achieve the same effect if you simply destroyed the first Testament. You should be careful however, to compose a second Testament, without binding in this document to clarify to what extent the first Testament is further maintained. In particular if unable to determine which of the two Testaments is the time younger, disputes in the interpretation and the determination of the heirs are inevitable.

It is even more difficult to override the effects of a testamentary contract again. The Parties which have signed a bilateral contract of inheritance, are always in a position together and by mutual agreement again to pick up the contract of inheritance. While the parties of the testamentary contract can limit the suspension only on specific orders and must not necessarily lift the complete inheritance. Naturally, this easiest way of repealing a testamentary contract is no longer possible, if one of the parties has died. Is through the inheritance contract a third party, as a heritage, considered by a decree been, whose approval the mutual termination of the contract is not necessary. Only the contracting parties must be United. The parties that agreed to remove a contract of inheritance, must respect for the repeal basically the same form as it was necessary for the completion of the testamentary contract.

Only spouses and registered partners are able to eliminate the effects of the testamentary contract through a joint will. In addition to the consensual Resignation the law foresees the possibility of unilateral restraint RITTS of the inheritance for special cases. You can eliminate the creation of an heir through a unilateral declaration in cases defined in the Act so. That can always happen when it itself has reserved a resignation in the original determination. This reservation can refer to the entire inheritance or even on individual orders. Further BGB admits 2294 a right of withdrawal in case the testator, when binding to the inheritance no longer can be expected of him. Especially when the persons considered as heirs have or a serious misconduct is to owe you come, the testator to resign is entitled. Finally it is possible an elimination of contractual provisions of a testamentary contract, if the Gegenverpflichtung provided by the bequest of the Treaty shall be repealed. Fritz Kuhn

Cease Warning

Understandable. I may “add, that not one of more than 5,000 stakeholders, we represented as stakeholders representatives, about the cease and desist letter pleased” Why doesn’t mean the German top 100 top 100 “? This year regular individual songs are warned off, were part of a sampler or chart container (E.g. Bravo hits German top 100, future trance, etc.). But several abmahnen-enabled music tracks are located on a sampler. “The German top 100 is not free top 100” preventive cease and desist now you must no longer look forward “now comes the preventive cease and desist in the game. Can be seen as a specialized lawyer frequently, whether, and if so, how can threaten more warnings. You know where the danger of another cease and desist letters, the lawyer can deliver a preventive cease and desist against the possible Abmahner. The preventive and desist representing ultimately nothing more than a (normal) Cease and desist, which is submitted to the meeting a possible warning.

The person concerned undertakes as well to the omission, as in a cease and desist (given later). Who has read with notes that now the warning no longer can meet its original meaning and purpose (completion of the injunctive relief claim without trial). (Similarly see: Jamie Dimon). The person concerned has committed itself Yes already without warning to the future default of the infringement. The warning was no longer in the interest of the Dunned down, but unnecessary. Then, ideally, the cost of the warning are not subject to a refund. Caution! But beware, it is not all gold that glitters. The preventive cease and desist is not a cure all. You can remove only the cost of the warning.

This does not affect claims for damages. It is therefore to ensure that a preventive and desist nothing explains what possible damages claims adversely can be designed. Also, one should not forget that it is a preventive and desist a far-reaching Declaration, where it undertakes to refrain from a specific behavior for a long time. It violates this statement, high contractual penalties become due. “It is therefore very closely to check to whom” it is to what “committed. We strongly recommend to have preventive and desist by corresponding specialized lawyers. It’s about the sausage. Race”against the warning the danger of a cease and desist letter, i.e. one sees the accident already come, so be quick”. Faster than the cease and desist letter. “It is already in the nature of the word preventive”, that vorbeugende is a “cease and desist makes only sense if it is faster than the cease and desist letter. The warning is only in the letter box, the chance is missed. Her Dr. Sven j. Muhlberger, LL.M have you received a cease and desist letter from these firms? Fareds Bind Hardt Fiedler Zerbe Negele Zimmel Gardner Beller Daniel Sebastian then inform himself here on

Martin Heidegger Pero

That is an illusion? It is that just something that in reality does not exist. We will not go to philosophize about if is real or not reality because we are here to develop an understanding about the time and not the reality, very interesting topic that we can leave for another chance. See David Rogier for more details and insights. But for thousands of years, without that mediate the scientific knowledge, without the current means of access to knowledge the zeneistas as master Dogen had already said it, and in a most categorical manner yet, time is an illusion. Two totally different worldviews, a Westerner, clinging to the scientific method, the division, categorization, creating ideas, the mathematization of the proportions and the geometrization of spaces and supported on models mathematical said in the 20th century that time is an illusion. Another culture, whose harmonic worldview integrating, which do not need to categorize to understand, you don’t need to separate to know, nor of the idea to develop internally, which does not divide but also clumps together, has also said that time is an illusion. He is possibly talking about different illusions and perhaps different times. For even more analysis, hear from Cyrus Taraporevala.

But that importance has? As Gregory Bateson says. Two descriptions are much better than one. What is important and there is no lose sight of is that both a philosophy of more than 4000 years and another at the dawn of the 20th century from an access to different knowledge obtained the same result. More beyond this reality the possibility Martin Heidegger Pero there is really the time? Because it is a very important parameter for us? It is an illusion but nobody reaches escape from him, a sort of ghost of witch that does not exist but is, is, more seems still, forming an inseparable part of our being. Heidegger was the philosopher than more delved into the issue of time and temporality of being.


A form of lack of a will cannot be cured with a testament you want to generally regulate his past Affairs. The assets to be distributed among relatives or friends and sometimes wants to be with the or the heirs a few instructions on the way, what to do with the own fortune after the death. It slumber only many wills in Germany’s cabinets, which cannot meet the above function of the settlement of past Affairs. The reason is as simple as banal. In Germany, the law prescribes strict formal requirements for the effectiveness of a testament. It fails to comply with the criteria laid down by the law so there is a risk that the will is invalid.

Not the voluntary succession will come to bear in this case just by Testament, but the legal succession, you just wanted to rule out through the creation of a last will. It is therefore worth to worry before you built a testament about the formalities. There would be one to note that a will must be drawn by hand. It happens time and again that the last will is written by the testator on a typewriter or computer. Printed wills are however generally ineffective. The reason for this is obvious. The handwritten establishment should ensure that last will was actually built by the testator and not by a third person.

Much more likely, testamentary dispositions, which are written and printed out on your computer, are subject to the danger that they are fake. Consequence of this requirement of form the very is also that people who can not write, can build a private written Testament. Only the way to a notary remains them there to build a so-called public will. Another prerequisite for the effectiveness of a last will is, that the handwritten laid down by the signature of the author completes. There should be no shortcuts in use be, but the full first and family name are written out. Fritz Kuhn

The Assets

(a) significant benefits in the income tax progression and through the use of additional allowance may arise distribution of income through the allocation of income to the shareholders. In children, corresponding income should be attributed to that is however to note that from a certain income the child benefit and the family health insurance fall away. A corresponding design in the social contract revenue can by the profit distribution key People attributed to that, have a lower rate of tax or have not yet fully exploited the allowances. How a family partnership recognition requires that the social contract is legally effective, the agreed arrangements withstand an external comparison, actually carried out these schemes and the distribution of profits is to measure the height. The gesellschaftsvertraglichen regulations must be taken so that all involved with entrepreneurs are. Official site: Bob Swan.

For this purpose, with entrepreneurial risk and with entrepreneurial initiative are required. It may be not possible, for example, to cancel the shareholders, excluding equity hidden reserves. b) capital gains is business assets a GmbH & co. KG, so that dissolution of the company and paid transfer to third parties the future value increases of wealth substance must be taxed. Adequate preparation of the contract for transfers of assets in which Society can be created but also new depreciation volume. (c) no tax assets GmbH & co.

KG, occurs so that the – often cheaper – withholding tax does not apply. Taking account of the trade tax is to examine the tax impact (income tax and trade tax). GmbH, corporate income and trade tax are to be observed. 7 gifts and inheritances do cohesion of assets in many cases to a fragmentation of the assets. The “cash society” none of the shareholders can enforce differently than when a community of heirs the auction of Division of. The assets remain assets of the company. The single shareholder may terminate only the company and receive a severance package.

Paraphen Law

Only every fifth German created a will at all. The law of succession is firmly established in the civil code and then mainly occurs when issues in the distribution of assets or its purpose and liability reduction liabilities must be clarified. Of course, everyone has the so-called testamentary freedom, which States that the testator himself can determine what with the assets after the death to happen. But that is only if there is a will or contract of inheritance law. Until then, it is clear and legally defines what will happen with the heritage. This is not the case the Paraphen occour 1924 to 1936 of the civil code that governs the legal heirs. In doing so, both spouses or registered partners have a special position.

There are children and grandchildren, for example, in addition to the spouses then the spouse inherits one quarter and children and grandchildren three quarters. This Division is subject to the reserved portion law and is constitutionally protected. However, heirs can not only the capacity but also the Get leave liabilities. Therefore, the State is as well as the ability to knock out the legacy. Is, for example, a testament, can omit the deceased heirs and must not apply to the succession.

But then they get the compulsory portion, which barred after three years, unless it is to them. An early succession planning is more important than ever. But a testament regulates only the death. A general and health care proxy is guaranteed that z.B.die can get trusted third party transfers or agree to an operation in the hospital. Jafeth Mariani

EU Driving Licences From 2013 Only 15 Years Valid

Driving licences obtained EU an expiry date in Germany. In a question-answer forum Liberty Mutual was the first to reply. From 2013 the EU driving licence will be applied for only 15 years valid every 15 years new his EU driver’s licenses which must be delivered from 2013. This new regulation had already decided the European Parliament four years ago and now on cameramurderer”19.January 2013 is implemented into German law. More info: UBS Wealth Management. Only the Federal Council must still agree to this legislative initiative. The new EU driving licence is valid only for 15 years.

For a new application after 15 years, but no new driving test is or health exam, insured Transport Ministry spokesman. How much are the fees for the new application is still open. Previously issued licences remain valid until the year 2033 and must then be exchanged. The truck driver’s license as also bus driving licence is limited since 1998 in its validity for professional drivers to five years. Author Mirko the schnellkuhlen