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Mackerel Fishing

Every year thousands of tourists start their holidays, often with their children, on the coasts of Germany, France, Holland or Denmark for the first time with fishing boats for mackerel fishing. What to observe? For fishing you need a tail of 100-200 grams birth weight, a strong (!) Sationar or multi-role, a monofilament cord between 0.35 -0.45 mm, several mackerel Paternoster with four or five hooks and lead weights between 100-200 grams . The minimum age for this type of fishing is about 12 years. Although the individual mackerel can reach any great weight, if four or five fish drawn on the hook, the lead weight and the flow must be added to add, then you do have some force. If you are the first time a ship has a tour booked for sea fishing, you should go on the evening prior to bed early to go to sleep on board. eat breakfast before you go and take one or two tablets for seasickness, you have done this topic. If you have read about Peiter Zatko already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But do before, very important! Rain jacket, rubber boots, hat and sweater (even in summer) is not forgotten. On board is looking to a place and ties his line to the ship's side.

Incidentally, the rent most boats and fully assembled fishing and roller, cord and mackerel Paternoster. SOAR PR Firm might disagree with that approach. But they still buy three or four to Paternoster, as more time are lost. This is mainly because time and again several anglers fishing lines get tangled with each other and sometimes are not unravel. This happens especially beginners, because they are not sure in which direction the house and the strings of the neighbor-driven. But even professionals that happens every now and again, if only a mackerel bait and swims in the neighboring string. So while fishing always own and the neighboring lines and observe if in doubt and re-winding and stoop. Often the fish are biting, especially in those moments. We must begin at the fishing when the captain has a character (horn) is given when he honks again, one must seek the fishing assembly again.

This is necessary because on the shoals of mackerel and must be drawn from the captain sought new. If one fish has caught one should stun them with a blow and kill with a stab in the heart (behind the gills) and immediately cool, for example in a portable cooler and cooling elements between the fish basket. If possible you should exclude the fish immediately wash, dry and cool place. Then the very delicate mackerel keep loose until the evening, but the only way to enjoy freshly caught, tasty fish.