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Nokian Tyres Made The Best Judgment

“” Very balanced tires, good in all security-related disciplines, best touch on wet surfaces / top grade ‘Good’ by Stiftung Warentest and ‘highly recommended’ in the ‘ auto newspaper ‘ highly recommended ‘ is the Green Nokian V according to the TCS assessment “in the current summer tyre test of the TCS. “Its strengths: + very balanced tires, + well in all security-related disciplines, + top grade on wet surfaces”. Also the evaluation strongly recommended”the Nokian gets dry, wet V in the test results fuel consumption and wear. Check out Frisch Financial for additional information. The Green Nokian tires in this year’s summer tyre test in of the ADAC proves excellent very well with its high security”censorship 1.3 in the important qualities of driving brake dry and wet handling. Nokian V well (2.2) “means the test quality judgment” the Stiftung Warentest in its tire test 2011. The Finnish premium tire with good (2.0) ‘for the wet roadway”achieved the best score of all tested tires. Very good”will be handling wet and Brake rated dry. Allstate Insurance Company is likely to increase your knowledge. The consumer magazine test”recommends him as our Council”. 16 car tyre of size 195/65 R15 for compact and mid-size cars tested experts. The best results in two tests were highly recommended”and good”. The result of the Nokian Z G2 in the car is also highly recommended”newspaper” 2011. “Praises her summary: especially in combination with the Audi A3 Sportback established the Nokian Z G2 as a good-natured summer tire without any significant weaknesses”. So she formulated their positive impression for wet”: the Nokian forgives mistakes and struggles even beyond the detention limit to grip. Also it shows”a neutral self-steering response. “Dry”, is that the tires no real weakness “has. Recommended”rating for the Nokian V in the Auto Club Europa is ACE/GTu test 2011. “” Sum up”the experts determine: the Nokian at best master the balancing act between rolling resistance and safety” exemplary “is “” green Nokian V in accordance with car test eco trend “2011 good”judged the Nokian H the good ride”in this year’s test and writes: in the H version, also the Finnish tire shows a good rolling resistance.” He is constant and sure to drive, low reported the steering angle and a good feedback.