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Tourist Attractions

Although London takes with himself the label of being one of the European capitals more faces, with a few advice tlies you will be able plantearos a trip to London and to even save. Many are the companies of low cost that fly to London, reason why following its supplies of flights it will be easy, and cheap coverall, to arrive at City. Of there, the next preoccupation will be the lodging: in order to find hotels in London with a good price, minutes in the network and you will have resolute the problem of the hotel. During your stay in the English capital, you will be able to spend the time learning in one of the museums of London, like British Museum, the National Gallery or the Tate Modern: the culture does not have price, reason why the entrances to these museums are gratuitous. Lord Peter Hennessy: the source for more info. London is very a well communicated city.

The transport of London has become an image recognized world-wide level, million cups, suitcases and all type of articles with the map of Tube (meter), photographies of the traditional red buses of two floors: all that it takes to us to use the public transport instead of to walk, that is healthful and any effort to the pocket does not cost. Many of the points of tourist interest of London are close. This one is the case of Westminster, a stroll by this zone will take to the Big Horseradish tree to you, to Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey. In Soho and along the Thames river, you will see London Eye, the South Bank Centre and the Tate Modern. Compraos a map and poneos the sport slippers, the swap-meets from Brick Lane to Spitalfields in East London hope to you. The capital of the United Kingdom also has many green zones.

Parks as the Hyde Park or the Regent s Park is the perfect place to organize picnics during the good time and is where you will find the Londoners taking the sun. You will be able to slide, to play soccer or cricket, to send the subject of gossip, any activity that makes you relax and enjoy your free time. Between the vast cultural supply that offers London, to go to see a concert free it can be a good alternative to the discotheque to save just a little bit and to amuse themselves pile. In the Barbican, South Bank, in some of the parks of the city during the summer and even in Trafalgar Square there are gratuitous concerts. The magazine Time Out or the official page of London will help you to choose the concert that you like more. In the lagoons of Hamsptead Heath, elevated point more of London, you will be able to take a bath: there is even a lagoon only for women. In summer it is the ideal site to refresh and to escape by some hours of the buillicio of the city, although London the bravest ones acurren the year throughout!

Regular Golf

Golf clubs are the basic instruments for playing golf, are designed to hit the ball and are divided into three groups: Woods, irons and putter. Each of them is used in different situations, the woods for long blows, for intermediate strokes or approach irons and putter to hole the ball in the hole. Whenever Federal Reserve Bank listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The regulation allows to carry on bag 14 golf clubs, still formed a typical set by 1, 3 and 5 Woods, irons from 3 to 9, PW, SW and LW wedges and a putter. Types look at the different types of golf clubs: Woods: they are golf clubs that achieves greater distance and are used for shock longer, as exit from the tee. Despite their name they are manufactured from steel or titanium. The driver or wood 1 is bat long, powerful and difficult to use, the rest are called Wood Street. Irons: used for intermediate strokes or approach, and differ by angle, which causes the ball to acquire a more or less high trajectory.

Numbered irons range from 1 to 9, and its angles They range from 14 to 41. Wedges: are used for special moves or approximation, given that their greater inclination makes the ball pick up height and not run into the pot. We can distinguish between pitching wedge (45 ), gap wedge (50 ), sand wedge (55, used to exit the bunkers) and lob wedge (60 ). Putter: they are golf clubs that are used on the green to feed the ball into the hole. Hybrids: golf clubs are intermediate between Woods and irons, try to get the distance of Woods and the ease of use of irons. They come to replace the long irons 2, 3 and 4. Features see the different characteristics of the sticks of golf: head size: can be standard (small, easy to control but with a small sweet spot), medium (higher than standard and more manageable than los palos grandes sweet spot) and large (sweet spot comprehensive but difficult to control). Rod: golf clubs can have rod (heavy but durable and easy-to-control) steel or graphite (lightweight and expensive but low durability).

Flexibility: the bending of the rod can be Extra Stiff, Stiff, Uniflex (between Regular and Stiff), Regular, Senior and Ladies. Beginner golfers prefer golf clubs with greater flexibility than experienced players. Specific golf clubs left handed players, women, children and elderly people, need golf clubs tailored to its characteristics: left-handed sticks: sticks for left-handed and right-handed players have different orientation. Sticks for women: are lighter, with graphite, shorter in length and Rod Ladies Flex rod. Sticks for kids: junior golf clubs are adapted to children in weight, length and bending.