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Miami Police Department

Fascination with blood – Dexter Morgan is forensic scientists with an unusual hobby of Hamburg, 23.09.2009. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is Forensics of the Miami Police Department and a true specialist in the juice of life blood. That is his job only once not surprising. But the friendly-looking man is more than just a coroner, but no one knows except himself: Dexter is a psychopath.

His true and only passion is murder. His homicide but always serve a higher purpose. The first season of the new series highlights will appear for the first time on October 23 on DVD and offers the special feature \”Witness in Blood A True Murder investigation\” additional \”tingling\” for home. Season 1 of Dexter is based on the novel of the death darker brother\”by Jeff Lindsay and attracted international attention in equal to start. So Dexter was awarded already for the bold look of psyche and everyday life of a sympathetic as well as merciless killers three Emmys. A passion of a special kind Dexter Morgan (Michal C. Hall) always wears a smile on his face and is everywhere popular. All the more surprising that the coroner has no emotions, internally totally empty, and can have no real relationships.

His adoptive sister Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter) is also working with the police and is the only person to the Dexter felt something like train inclination. His girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz), who was abused by her husband and has since separated from him, is even relationship like Dexter. Only if Dexter at night through the streets, he can live out his true penchant as a serial killer. While it is true but never innocent but always brutal criminals, he draws on cold-blooded way out of circulation. So far so good. However, when suddenly a second serial killer Dexter’s orderly life completely out of joint apparatus.