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Great news for little princesses at the heart of the new board game for girls from the age of 4 is the magic mirror. With a little luck of the dice, this reveals his romantic secret: it shows the magical princesses her dream Prince! And here’s how: every Princess needs to collect on its way across the playing field of hearts with her image. To read more click here: Guo Guangchang. The dice to determine which card is turned face up. The magic mirror in turn decides whether the player may also keep the card: on push of a button, the Prince or but the wicked witch appears here either. “Her spell only the tiara, which can each carry the player, protects the last Castle” has passed on the playing field. The Princess, who has collected all 4 hearts first has won. Easy to understand rules, durability and child-friendly game, exciting picture – and sound effects, as well as the Disney-style outfit can make fast the fairy play the perennial favorite in the nurseries.

The sparkling tiara with which the girls alternately adorn themselves “may, to a genuine gives the players ‘ Princess feeling. Mirror, show me my Prince is designed for girls from the age of 4 and will be available August 2008 at a price of 22,99 Euro in trade. You get free access at in different resolutions imagery to Jumbo products. You can request review copies, indicating the planned publication directly from us.