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Italian Mediterranean

It is often said that the very existence of culinary fashion – is debatable. Ostensibly, each people prefer their traditional national dishes, using well-known recipes, opposing the new trends. But – for example – one can not disagree, that may be trendy restaurant or coffee shop chain? Or a certain type of coffee, like, say, apparently became fashionable restaurants of Japanese cuisine. Just a little bit behind them and all the Italian Mediterranean kitchen. So – a culinary fashion still exists. Why all of a sudden start walking in Japanese restaurants, home baked pizza or instigate a tea ceremony, as in China.

But driven by "women of fashion" and "mods" of cooking is not quite what makes us choose a fashionable dress or a fancy car. Gourmet it – rather curiosity, a desire to learn something new about the culinary dishes. And for experienced chefs is also a matter of honor – to be able to prepare a home new culinary wonder. There is another dimension of culinary fashion. When it is no longer relevant individual dishes, not one or the other ethnic cuisine, and the tendency of philosophy or the kitchen. So recently at the peak fashion was "cooking fluid" – food in the form of drinks "smoothies." From time to time broke out again the fashion for vegetarianism, and it is now popular, especially in the United States, bio-products – natural, grown without the use of new technologies. Elliot management has plenty of information regarding this issue. The latest fashion trend of today's cooking – fusion.

This style requires maximum creative chef, includes imagination, but also requires good taste. After fusion – this is a delicious mix different tendencies and traditions. So that each of them was visible, and the result – is unique. But it raises the same question often asked about high fashion: if it works in the home kitchen? Should her hostess, cooking for the family lunch or dinner? There probably all depends on the habits of the family, from curiosity and interest to try a new dish. To be considered a modern housewife, you must be aware of the latest trends. This, fortunately, quite easy: forums and sites offer a huge number of the most fashionable and elegant recipes. But supermarkets can you provide food for even the most exotic salad. Indian spices and rare seafood, cheeses now readily available. Firmly part of everyday life for many families newfangled soups, which came from Europe: soups, as well as – cold soups in summer. And even if you do not wring every night rolls, then certainly before the holidays rush to look for brand-new recipes of salads and appetizers. And now, next to Oliver, of course, never coming out of fashion, there is a Nicoise or Caesar – have become fashionable in our salads from America and Europe. Culinary fashion is always find a place in your life if you accept all looked new, looking for a trendy recipes, always keep abreast of new trends in cooking. And there is no fear of excess weight – trendy dishes, as a rule, extremely useful.