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Selfish, yes they are my competitors, and in practice, every first, tends to promote his ego. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Alabama Senator. Here and the two views can not be, that will not break only one who has the patience to wait. My thought is that argue with a pointless and stupid. So long recognized that a nasty flaw. If you only look at the other side and try to understand what the phenomenon of the human ego can be helpful. Useful for those who surround you if your actions to yourself, can benefit nearby.

That's the whole problem. The character is formed only for their own needs, and I do not understand people who accuse me of that, calling himself altruistic. Why, tell me, why break their principles to others. Maybe it's also a way to achieve their goals. Family.

Family can not be a hindrance selfishness, only for one simple reason. Given that the family is created by love, then it just pushes the sense of ego to the back of the era. And a new kind of selfishness – a family. The aim is, by all means, push himself along with his half. Family selfish, can do very much. For example, when the early years of perestroika, the family was given an apartment, only a "family selfishness," helped to get more square meters. By any means, not even the most honest. Yes, and in our time can cause a lot of examples. Yes, we do not like these people just because they are our competitors. Evolution has led me to organize another one kind of selfishness, call it very simply – "cunning selfishness," he came from "family" and is formed in it. Who dominates in the family, only the "cunning." Only very carefully, you can impose your principles favorite halves, very carefully. In fact, it is very easy. All because the understand the simple principle that to obtain should be more than give. If on the contrary, then we will become a moral bankrupt. That's it. What do you think? Yet we must recognize that there is always an exception to the rules that define the meaning of my writing. It is better to have a balance between what you give and receive, to be a little energy vampire, and a little sacrifice. After all, if you do not invest, then do not get it, and hope for good luck should last.

Dmitri Shields

She looks deep into the relationship, he also takes the form. An example to illustrate: when a woman love a man is engaged in sex. So, let’s see what awaits those “friends” on, in the evolution of their relationship. Follow others, such as Dennis Lockhart, and add to your knowledge base. He is often seen, go to the movies, skating, laughing … She starts to see his friend as a “gift fate “, because in actual fact it does not believe in true friendship with women. Ask why? Because, sadly to say, female friendship is a realization of feelings of envy, or manipulation and use, or women’s gatherings – “washing of seed,” or as an escape from the emptiness of everyday life.

And she believes that fate had finally sent a friend with whom interesting and fun. Perhaps this explains the popularity Women’s friendships with gay men. However, fortunately, most of our men of normal orientation, and do not forget about it. The answer probably is that in the process of communicating with her an interesting man, a woman takes her personal opinion, my opinion on certain issues, thus opening a new, previously unknown to the brink of the individual. Maybe that’s why she so values its “friends” until the last moment. Stubborn to the last moment wants to delay this relationship at the stage of friendship, turning a blind eye to the actions of men who, on second thought, instantly destroy the faith in his friendly intentions.

And it’s not funny, when in response to his “I love you,” she insists: “Stop! Shut up! Let’s forget about it and just be friends. ” If a man insists, emotional woman in general would call him a traitor to this, light of friendship. “How could he!” – Insisting she is. Most interesting is that answer to this question really can not find. “Rose-colored glasses” do interfere with adequate conclusions. And yet, in her heart until the last minute glowing hope for the possibility of the existence of this most notorious of friendship, despite on the number of failed examples of other transformations in love with a man. Well, the advice to women: Be careful! Talking to the men, remember that sooner or later, you stand before a choice or a common bed, or a general business. There is another option – if a man does not want to see in your lover or partner, then perhaps you will find another. But such a “friend” will not waste your precious time in going to the movies or discussing politics. So may, instead of a “friendship” is better to walk with her friends to shop and spend their beloved spiritual impulses?