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" The difference in the ladle. It is estimated that in Russia and CIS countries, approximately 95% of excavation work is carried out using the bucket. They are digging trenches for foundations, demolition sites and clearance of debris, the development of sand and gravel quarries, as well as digging thousands of miles of trenches for oil and gas pipelines. Large bucket capacity means higher efficiency of the excavator at work and less wear and tear, as the same amount of work done for fewer cycles. For example, the use of different buckets on one excavator (with a capacity of 0.8 and 1.05 m 3) allows for each business cycle move in more than 0.25 m3 of soil. The difference of 20% entails serious consequences.

Of course, not all so simple: you can not hang on a bigger backhoe bucket without a serious treatment of the assembly machine. Therefore, the Caterpillar excavator, compared with shovels competitors are more severe steel superstructures. Caterpillar 330C weighs 33.2 tons and is equipped with 0,7 … 2,1-vat buckets. In this excavator is equipped with a counterweight to 6.2 m.

That is, without a counterbalance weight Caterpillar 330C at 2.8 tons more due to the additional metal. Obviously, this implies price increase machine. Rose concrete, metal require additional treatment. However, this metal is not "superfluous." Caterpillar is focused on the upper segment of the market of imported excavators. Higher – about 10 … 20% – the price of excavators Caterpillar attributed to a number of technical features, but it must be recouped through higher performance machines.