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Correio Braziliense

Now we know that the great truth that the human science timidly begins to glimpse consists in the fact that the foundation of the universe is not material, but spiritual. Soon everyone will understand that the spirit (intelligent energy) is the true sustenance of all. One of the major messages of this ecumenical Parliament is the need to discover our origin, because the vera of the third millennium, ignorance about what we were yesterday, what we are today and what we will be tomorrow (as well as the moral consequence of that knowledge) continues to be a lot. Man placed on the pedestal of materialistic science and thinks that the sum summarizes everything, censoring ironically to the primate superstitious.

However, in the nearly unexplored field of spiritual knowledge, question: where is still mankind, despite all its proclaimed technological advance, but slightly above the primarismo on matters relating to the spirit delayed? When we write about the scope of the Temple of goodwill, monument next to which is being built the Ecumenical Forum, we proposed the foundations of something entirely new, says Dr. Celio de Souza, recognized jurist of Brasilia, talking to our dear brother Haroldo Rocha, Minister of the Religion of God: that Parliament is something entirely new. And it is not. It is a forum in which not only reincarnated beings, which we will speak, but they also have the opportunity to manifest itself through meditation and prayer, with all its power moral and intellectual, men without body, spirits, which constitute our true existence checking: the still Invisible world to the physical senses deficient. The creature of God is not only body, is only a temporary body and eternally spirit. How we put the episodic above the eternal, even, and especially, in politics? However, it is vital that step by step, follow the instructions of Christ: God is not God of the dead but of the living.