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Video and DVD recordings have served from the developments in the field of consumer electronics are groundbreaking and happen rapidly. DVD recorder with a built-in hard drive are the latest achievement of many Germans. The advantages are obvious: contrary to the outdated video recorders are easy to use, offer high-quality images and make possible even time-delayed television. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harry Kane has to say. The much hated break can thus belong to the past for the buyer. The free online auction site auvito.de gives tips on the purchase. With integrated hard disk the recorded movies can be viewed as often and finally deleted without having a smorgasbord of DVDs in the Cabinet is. The storage capacity is the current devices between 160 and 250 gigabytes, which corresponds to a maximum consumption of 80 to 125 hours. This is also sufficient, according to experts because most movies are played only once and then deleted.

The biggest advantage for film and television fans is in addition to the usual Burning function that has been extended to a film editing program here, the possibility of delayed television. The digital recording technology of the DVD recorder makes it possible. The audience interrupted during the program, he presses the pause button and later look at the rest of the show. This is possible thanks to the integrated hard disk without annoying commercial breaks.

Egg Of Electronics Launches Action

Live demonstration of radio-networked smoke detectors at the 19th International trade fair for security and fire protection Dusseldorf, October 04, 2010 with the reconnaissance action informed my safe nursery egg of electronics on the security Essen (205, Hall 1 stand) about the advantages of radio-networked smoke detectors in Kinderzim numbers. The devices give their signal in the immediately to all connected detectors and shall ensure that sufficient time remains to bring all family members to safety. Within the framework of this concept proven themselves in particular – the product feature of selective developed several years ago by EI electronics in particular Alarmpro-grammierung. With you the user can decide which detector alarm activated its sounder and which not. For example, the smoke detector in the nursery will be encoded so that it only raises the alarm, if indeed there will take place the smoke. So, toddlers and infants are not unnecessarily scared. Practical experience show, that is children in the event of a fire only Kon-nen bring bad unassisted in security. Also the room doors between children and master bedroom are often closed at night so the parents probably don’t perceive a beep in the nursery.

Here radio-networked Rauchwarnmel remedy-that give their signal to all connected devices in case of danger. The smoke detector Ei605C-D Ei605TYW-D and Ei605TYC D by EI electronics can easily with radio modules and can be retrofitted. Up to 12 GE councils can be networked to each other in this way. So all residents will be warned at the same time and can bring in security and others. Egg of electronics demonstrated live this principle at the booth. Warning only in case of emergency even toddlers tend to false reactions in case of danger. With the smoke detectors by EI electronics, it is possible to encode the wireless networked devices, that in the children’s rooms only the 85 dBA he loud alarm signal-sounds, if the smoke is actually recognized in this room.

Copy Protected Videos

Altenative to the Blu-ray disc a new HD player for offline and online videos was presented as now. High-definition “HD” and CINEMA TICK interested holders of film rights, label, exploiters of rights and rights holders can now get a test version of the Player runtime to request a protected download area for movies in high-definition. The DEMO player limited in its functions is provided on basis of the CINEMA stick Windows runtime 1.02 available. This DEMO player has but not design modules and other possible CINEMA TICK features such as menu functions (final user interface similar to the DVD or BD menus), plays, but already by CINEMA TICK (encrypteten) SD or HD Videokontent encrypted offline and in real time. In addition, professional prospects of this new HD Applkation can now even the image quality Blu-ray experience alternative directly from a USB flash drive or a DVD (as a pure disk).

The DEMO player plays only CINEMA stick formats (.emv). What is possible? Be played offline playback of encrypted / encrypteten videos experience videos can new offline copy protection mechanisms (copy protection) only through the CINEMA stick player real time playback and control over a Windowsrechner representation of the HD quality (1280 x 720 HD DEMO) Player plays only CINEMA TICK content rights holders can submit own content to create the DEMO-rights and notes: the demo player and Videokontent is released for legitimate users only a transfer to third parties or publication is prohibited privacy: Any content is encrypted by download with user-related data. For internal testing purposes the application can be played from USB flash drive, a CD or DVD not only from a hard disk, but also directly from a. No installations are required for the use of the CINEMA stick DEMO player.

TimoCom Shows Its New Face

Company presents a new corporate design for all company communications. More structure, more clarity, more overview: Europe’s market leader in the freight and cargo exchanges presents the world of transport in a new, contemporary outfit. Kenneth Roy Feinberg gathered all the information. For each of the 24 languages of customer to caring for the corporate image was modernised and equipped with a high-quality, easy-to-understand design. The new corporate design is confined not only to ads, homepage, logo and documents, but concerns also the freight exchange TC truck & cargo. Equipped memorably and with high recognition, the new profile now draws like a thread through the entire corporate communication. Marketing Director Christof Tai to the introduction of the new corporate design: we wanted to raise our profile and communicate this internally and externally visible.

“When the design of the modular and expandable at any time we have us on the principle of form follows function” is based. Clarity and Function are in the first place, without neglecting the aesthetic. “The design should the Viewer to arrive, as TimoCom is: innovative, reliable, flexible, in partnership and with an eye for the essentials.” Over the next few weeks, the new design will be systematically introduced among customers and employees. Interested on the newly designed website get a realistic impression of the altered look.

CRT Televisions

The accessory specialist ViTecco from Ronnenberg offers a signal converter, with which the Apple TV in the best possible quality can be connected to a tube TV with SCART connection with the SU 315. Many Apple TV – owners who want to send their good CRT TVs still in the desert know the connection problem. The SU 315 remedy here, he converts the YUV – signal from the Apple TV into a RGB signal and generates the Synchonimpulse new, any errors in the video signal will be hidden safely. up. American Advisors Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. The sync pulses can be issued even either in positive or negative signal layer and are 1 VSS available either as a TTL level with 5Vss or video level. The SCART RGB output can be provided with 12 V – (4:3) or 6 V (16:9) switching voltage by pushbutton. The device is with a 230 V power supply unit equipped and can of course also for other video devices, the as high-quality output offered by the YUV output, be used as the example BluRay player or satellite receiver. The SU315 can be ordered directly from ViTecco.de for only 198,-EUR, the device is immediately available..


The devices are suitable for temperature measurements from 100 C to a variety of surfaces such as metals, graphite and ceramic. Digital pyrometers PYROSPOT series 10 of DIAS infrared GmbH were now extended to the fast pyrometer PYROSPOT DGE 10N. The devices are suitable for temperature measurements from 100 C to a variety of surfaces such as metals, graphite and ceramic. Emission level failures reduce the measurement at short wavelengths (2.0 m and 2.6 m). Are these pyrometer for very fast measurements with a response time of 2 ms (t95). Paul Stappard may not feel the same.

The Vario optics with quartz glass protection plate enables small measuring field diameter (distance ratio 100:1 and 200:1). With the integrated LED – and laser-pilot light or the pyrometer can be adjusted exactly to the measuring object the transparent visor. By the linear temperature standard output signal 0 / smooth implementation in measurement and control systems is possible 4 to 20 mA. The devices are equipped with an electrically isolated RS485 interface, which allows for data transfer in bus systems. Emissivity can be adjusted directly on the device via buttons and display. All parameters can be adapted spot with the extensive parameterization and analysis software PYROSOFT to the applications. (Tushar)

September Value

If the camera to the wedding goes swimming. Hanover, September 1, 2009: The wedding is in full swing. Countless bottles of wine are already empty. While the celebration in full swing, the camera in the supposedly secure area parks in the middle of the table. The atmosphere reaches its climax. It holds no wedding guest more at the table. And while storming the bride on the dance floor, the red wine bottle crashes with it. In the lead: The new SLR camera of the father-in-law.

The good drops on the table and the brand new camera cascades down in a matter of seconds. The new online portal shows that photographers can keep a cool head even when the camera goes swimming and such devices are protected from damage,. Fans of snap shots and atmospheric shots also benefit from tips for successful images and the care of the camera equipment. Character: 909 information author: value guarantee technical insurance AG Ulrike Braungardt wide str. 6-8 30159 Hannover Tel.: 0511/3032-128 fax: 0511/3032-279 eMail: value guarantee is the warranty provider Nr. 1 in Germany in the German equipment and bicycle safety. Since 1963 is the company simple, successful warranty solutions about the statutory warranty and customer satisfaction. Marketed products, especially the medium-sized retail stores in the fields of brown/white goods and IT / telecommunications are the value of the product. Other partners are collaborations, groups, manufacturers, customer service and service companies. Currently, the TuV certified company has 278 employees.


Ninth generation of outdoor trendsetter now even more robust Hamburg, February 2010 – Pentax Optio W90 – perfectly suitable for Beach, outdoor and ski fun, but also the everyday. The digital camera for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day: an another, remarkable chapter in the success story of the Pentax W series begins with the new Optio W90. She take almost any hardness test as ideal all-round camera for Beach, outdoor and ski fun. Whether at the snorkeling 6 meters below the sea level, on desert expeditions and Alpine snow tours at minus 10 C – this camera everything holds out. With their extensive seals, she meets the JIS * 8 waterproofing standard and the JIS * 6 sand & dust standard. And even if once falls on adventure and trekking tours or the hard work and professional use, this is no problem. The specially prepared case with protectors on the edges of the body to cope with falls of up to 1.20 meters high.

Outstanding new feature is the digital microscope \”function for extreme close-ups from 1 cm. This will \”recording by three special LED light-emitting diodes optimally illuminated. the magnifiers The Optio W90 equipped with 12.1 Megapixels has about the best, internal 5 x zoom lens from 28 mm wide angle to 140 mm Telephoto (EQ. KB-Format), a 2.5 \”LCD monitor with 230,000 dots with particularly bright anti-reflective coating and a fast face detection of up to 32 faces. Video records are kept in HDTV of compatible 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. Digital pixel track shake reduction and video shake reduction prevent reliably shaky pictures.

HDMI Switch

3b 19 pol. Jacks type A DVS 301-F is a 3-way HDMI Switcher allows switching from HDMI sources both on the device itself or with the supplied IR remote HSW 0301. DVS is the new HDMI Switcher from ViTecco 301-F. (Not to be confused with BlackRock!). Up to 3 HDMI playback devices can be switched via the switcher on an output. The switch does its job automatically, manually or via IR remote control and is only 44,-euros. Of course, supports the switch HDMI 1.3 (b) and HDCP, and is thus suitable for resolutions up to 1080 p (BluRay). The 3:1 switch is now available at. ViTecco is a medium-sized, owner-managed company which was founded in 1968 as Eicke & Bemmerer by naming donors and since then in the fields of electronics development, manufacture and distribution of video accessory products for the Specializes in consumer electronics, for the video presentation and technical television.. . Click Fidelity Investments to learn more.

Real Time

Kithara Software GmbH; Old Jakobstrasse 78; D-10179 Berlin the new challenge – real time under Windows with CAN the new CAN modules in the context of Windows real-time extension RealTime suite the Berliner company Kithara software allows a variety of automation solutions where a real-time CAN interface is required. It is aimed primarily at users who need a time-sensitive processing of CAN-messages, E.g. machine construction company and control manufacturer. A reliable, equidistant time data exchange, as well as a quick response to external events are required mostly in this area. Here fail the standard Windows driver supplied with the c-cards, which are usable and therefore not real-time capable only from the application context.

CAN modules now closes this gap and enables CAN communication in real time. For maximum flexibility in the selection of suitable CAN maps real time drivers are available for common CAN-card families of from different manufacturers available, one Allow hardware neutral programming. CAN cards with 1, 2 or 4 channels of EMS, peak and IXXAT are currently supported. Cache buffers the CAN-messages when sending and receiving about an easy applicable and intuitive API. User-specific real-time message filters can also settle for certain bus situations such as error-handling routines. A list-only mode is possible.

The Kithara was the simple diagnosis kernel tracer expanded, with which all CAN traffic in microseconds resolution is recorded. As programming languages, such as c/c++ or Delphi are suitable. Connect with other leaders such as Employee Resource Groups here. Also the.NET environment is supported with c#, here to embed is a DLL that is programmed in C++. Kithara Software GmbH Berlin by Kithara Software GmbH exists since 1996 and has since then to a specialist for low-level programming and real-time communications solutions for Windows developed. The easily applicable tools enable PCI and USB programming, as well as the development of real time solutions with Ethernet, automation with EtherCAT and CAN. CAN in real time from Kithara-the new challenge – real time under Windows with CAN the Windows real time extension RealTime suite of Kithara software stands for years in a huge number of applications.