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Nokia N95 – As Always On Top

Based on the advertising phones Finnish company Nokia, we can conclude that the emphasis placed on the development of "Connecting People", that is the quality of communication. Speaking candidly Justin Kan told us the story. However, is not the first company pleases your phone does not only possess excellent data in this area, but also collecting a huge amount of various additional features of high quality. Did not disappoint and the mobile phone Nokia N95. The first thing that draws attention to the buyer, considering the phone at the shop window – it will undoubtedly design. Made in the form factor dual-slider, Nokia N95 is beautiful and elegant. And half the phone shifted relative to each other not only downward but upward. Uniform style, which made the reporting unit, provide an opportunity to say that Nokia N95 is perfect for both men and the fair sex.

Concern has provided two colors: dark purple and sand. Both colors look great. Big screen – another advantage phone. On it with ease, you can view movies and photos. I should add that, even in bright sunlight the screen is not "blind" – the image quality remains the same.

The location and design of key mobile phone Nokia N95 not satisfactory – all perfectly matched. Nokia N95 – a multimedia phone. The quality of the player is simply superb. The device has a maximum audio settings, through which sound can be transformed. Quality playback of tracks is extremely high. The player interface is also performed at a high level. Fans listen to music through headphones will appreciate the fact that you can use any 3.5 mm device, which can connect to the phone as well as to the bundled console. As for the camera, it is already recognized as the best out on the market. 5 megapixel – decent rate even for a digital camera. Capabilities and settings of the camera a great variety. Recorded video is not annoying slow downs and other defects. Photos and videos taken with your mobile Nokia N95 phone will please even the most demanding user. Of the remaining characteristics of Nokia N95 can be distinguished very energy-intensive battery (950 mAh). And also very sensitive built-in FM-radio, while listening to that problems with the signal does not often happen. Talking about the mobile phone Nokia N95 is a lot. Here we consider the most interesting features and capabilities of the phone, which was given special attention during development. Complaints to the telephone no. Feedback from users and our brief analysis make it possible to say that Nokia N95 – one of the best mobile phones on the Russian market.