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Interior Design

Whereas previously the interior design was a privilege of the elect, but now, if you have a huge number of technologies and materials, as well as the variety of options for their application, interior design has become available to everyone. Everyone wants to be an individual, have their own interior design the punch line, which will reveal its unique character. Modern technologies allow to achieve the desired effect in different ways. Very often paid much attention to home furnishings, furniture. And we invite you to look at your ceiling … as a key part of future design. MasterClass Review pursues this goal as well. After all, you'll find most classic flat ceiling – painted or wallpapered, at least – hanging, with geometric shapes. What would you say if you have a ceiling over their heads with irregular shapes or waves? Or the ceiling perfectly white, smooth, but with an applied artist image? Already becoming a popular "starry sky"? All of these features allows for suspended ceiling – this can provide a finish for the freedom of choice for interior design in any style – from minimalism and classic style so avant-garde and Hi-Tech.

Stretch ceilings, due to their properties and characteristics of the installation – very fertile source of ideas, with which you can implement even the most daring ideas. Options for finishing the ceiling with PVC stretch film a huge number, and over time there are new trends in this direction. Design of a stretch ceiling sometimes becomes a key element of decor, organically reflecting the character of the owner, when it comes to the living room, or, for example, the appointment, the ideological direction when it comes to commercial premises.

Brick Fireplaces

Brick fireplaces. The most common in our fireplaces. Do not go for space heating since the heating is due to the radiant energy of live fire, but they can during the burning of wood to lift the temperature in the room. His variety of shapes and finishes can fit into any decor and highlight any individual. With a sufficient amount firebox in the fireplace can be cooked kebabs. May have a glass door. At the location of fireplaces are: corner, wall and freestanding.

Almost any fireplace can be done either angular or Wall, only the individual elements. Erin Callan takes a slightly different approach. Free-standing fireplaces vary in the number of open sides: unilateral (and Wall), through (with two opposite sides) and center (open on three or on all sides). And so, before you choose a fireplace, you need to decide on his appearance, for this you can see the different thematic magazines, websites. Cast iron firebox can select directories and there pick them lining. Prefabricated steel fireplaces can also choose from a catalog. Brick fireplaces can be laid in any form or by any decoration.

Next should determine the location. It should be borne in mind that a suitable foundation. If the finished steel fireplace suitable solid floor, then the brick fireplace, whose weight can reach several tons needed separate a solid foundation. Also keep in mind a place in the pipe to pipe size match the size of the furnace and the distance from the tube to the beams and rafters corresponded to fire regulations. As fireplaces are not allowed deviation from the vertical pipe. For iron furnaces and fireplaces are provided ready-made steel steel tubes of circular cross section and an inner diameter of not less than 200mm (depending on the size of the firebox). For brick fireplace pipe size also depends on the size of the portal. In the brick fireplace and the width of the portal section of flue multiple brick – mini brick fireplace 2 (510mm) section of the chimney 250h125mm; average fireplace 2, 5 bricks (640mm) and 3 normal fireplace brick (750mm) section chimneys for them 250h250mm. For wooden houses require special fire protection in accordance with SNIP 2. 04. 05-91 *, and documentation of the plant – the manufacturer. If you want a fireplace that he heated room and pleased the game of fire, then we can make a stove or oven with a glass door. Regardless of the type of fire they have to choose at the stage of designing a house.


Visor made of polycarbonate – the beauty and practicality for a private home. Theatre, as everyone knows, does not start the stage, and with a hanger, and a private home starts with a central entrance. The central entrance to the house – a calling card host. Swarmed by offers, Janet Yellen is currently assessing future choices. What should be the main entrance? It should be functional, comfortable, and most importantly beautiful. A solid front door, in combination with a visor made of polycarbonate will be an integral part of, "trump card" of the architectural and landscape design. No one will argue that the visor is not only an aesthetic element load, but also protects the entrance to the building from various natural phenomena, allows the house to go in rainy weather and breathe fresh air, in the rain without an umbrella open the door and stay dry. There are different forms of the visor, as a form of house or wing, and rectangular shapes, forms, arches, etc. But there is one common characteristic for all canopies – they are all made using polycarbonate.

Since polycarbonate plastic, it is suitable for any form of cap. Polycarbonate is the most popular and widely used material, which is used for manufacturing visor. This is due to its ease of manufacture, ease of installation, durability and ease of care. Choose color visor made of polycarbonate, so it was combined with color and roof color of the walls is not difficult, because Polycarbonate has a huge palette of colors: green, red, blue – what you want. What is the visor made of polycarbonate? This is a metal structure, which is attached polycarbonate sheet. Design can be accomplished with the use of artistic forging, or stainless steel, plastic, etc.

Polycarbonate looks in any combination. Different light transmission capacity of polycarbonate makes it preferred to other materials used for the manufacture of canopies. If you want to miss a light visor, you need to buy a transparent polycarbonate. In case you need to create contrast and shadow – should be buy opaque polycarbonate. Visor made of polycarbonate will serve you for many years while remaining in vogue, because beautiful things and quality are always in fashion.