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Bruce Lee

His father, Li Hoi Chuen was representing a piece of the China Cantonese Opera in the American continent there Bruce was born in San Francisco. Grace Li, the mother of Bruce, put your child’s name Li Jun Fan, which means Protector of San Francisco, but during the first few months they called the small Phoenix, which in Chinese is a feminine name, they sought thereby to confuse the evil spirits who steal boys when it has darkened. Learn more at: Allianz. Dr. Glover was who put his American name, Bruce Lee, that he did not know their existence until thirteen years more late to enter the English School of Hong Kong. In 1946, when Bruce was only 6 years old he was hired to work on a film.

It would not be his first film as at six months of age he had already participated in San Francisco (San’s tears of Tears Francisco) of which there is no trace. Bruce was introduced in the film industry of Hong Kong thanks to some friends of the family. After a small test small was accepted. The film was titled Birth of Mankind (the birth of mankind) was a melodramatic film which was fashionable at that time in Hong Kong. Bruce subsequently filmed other thirteen films from the same court. All of them featured his stage name Li Shiu Loong, which means the little Dragon. During his childhood, or rather teenager Bruce was a gang member, he was devoted to fight with other gangs, they carried weapons, chains, but one day wondered what would happen if you didn’t have the support of the band and is andara got into a fight, so he decided to learn Kung Fu..

Clinics Doctors

A few days ago was disseminated in two specialized weeklies news involving a great importance for the Peruvian physician, apparently isolated news between Yes, but with great impact for the professional exercise of the doctor. Excessive amount of doctors the President of the ASPEFAM (Peruvian Association of faculties give medicine), Frank Lizaraso revealed the daily medical management that currently exist in the country 23 faculties of medicine, where graduate 1100 doctors per year; not counting a hundred more that they come from other countries; as an alternative, proposed: progressively reduce vacancies of 1O % annually entry, restrict the creation of new faculties of medicine and proceed to accreditation (rating) of the existing. These measures are proximate and, anyway, an acceptable alternative. However you must add poor distribution of doctors, since it is known that 80% is concentrated in Lima (mainly) Trujillo and Arequipa.-primarily of medical specialists. It is the number of doctors increased means unemployment of the newly graduates, underemployment (read operation) of young doctors and proliferation of clinics, topical, medical centres in charge of graduates doctors by making use of a legitimate right to organize this private form of attention (and in the plain are also with topics or clinics carried out by midwives and nurses) and enter the market to compete with older colleagues. The Commission’s. Health of the Parliament has no agenda for the year 1998, discuss this problem (the vacancy of health professionals) this means that the State will not face this problem, even more so when we know that there are no places in hospitals, are not created new retire who are currently working; This way every year thousands and thousands of doctors will accrue to basically compete in the free market, in private care to the population.