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Stainless Steel

You have purchased acrylic bathtub. Of course – the perfect choice. But a small problem remains, and is as follows – since the bath has an arched shape is not clear on what and how to hang a curtain. And if not blind – it wet floor after taking a bath is not only unpleasant but also vobschem is not safe. Yes, you can buy so-called sliding plastic or glass curtains (doors), but they are far too cumbersome and poorly ventilated bathroom will be … What to do? Our group, more than ten years on the plumbing, modern equipment and a specially developed technological scheme produces rods (arc) of stainless steel for all models acrylic baths and showers, including the following most famous producers – RAVAK, BAS, RADOMIR, KOLPA-SAN, AQUATEK, BellRado, TRITON, ACRIL-DES, CLEAN-LINE, RIHO, Aquatic, RELISAN, AKVA, TEIKO, BACH, total more than 150 models of acrylic bathtubs.

Eaves strictly comply with the bending of the bath concrete model, ie form an arc cornice (external side) for acrylic baths 1600h1600 “Wood” from BAS differs from that of the cornice for “Ahava” from AQUATEK or “Marshall” from BellRado. Each model has its own template, or “Copy” to make the cornice It was under this model the bath. Only in some models of the cornice line of the bend is different from the bending of the bath, but as the cornice is made so that it is slightly inside a bathroom and a blind soft spray does not fall to the floor. Eaves (arc) for the bathroom are made of polished stainless steel o25mm, wall thickness o1, 0mm. Includes fasteners – two flange with four holes for the screws (usually use two holes in the vertical – is quite enough and the tiles once again not to drill, flanges are included in the carrier pipe arch for blind interference fit – no gaps, respectively, no sagging, the design of the cornice light and absolutely rigid), two laths (reflectors) o70mm, installation (photo bottom of page). Install eave does not require any special building skills, and made their own. If you have a repair is completed, then there is absolutely no need to keep a team of plumbers to install the cornice.

Our rails for bathtubs and shower stalls well proven equipment for plumbing hotels, water parks, fitness and shopping centers. Put in the bathrooms of hotel rooms, sanitary facilities, sliding curtains of plastic or glass – unreasonably expensive, technically difficult (installation, fitting and sealing profiles), and most importantly, short-lived. When operating the sliding blinds down very quickly out rollers, the guides tend to become clogged, it is necessary to carry out the replacement. Installation of cornices (arcs for the Blind) solves these problems. The service life of eaves virtually unlimited, there is no slack in the view of the absolute rigidity, the shutter slides on a cornice easily and freely without any effort. The difference in cost multiplied by the number of rooms is uniquely speaks for Use our eaves, instead of sliding glass or plastic blinds. Also, our rails are installed in the dressing booths of clothing stores, used to separate spaces.

Using The Correct Fittings For Creating A Design-Inter

Increasingly, you can see the glass partitions in offices, at the entrances to buildings, as well as blocks-sections at banks, on the premises for security personnel, administrative and managerial staff and other services. The basis of such partitions, usually serves as a frame made of reinforced profiles (aluminum, wood, steel, etc.), to which is attached directly to glass. And no matter what glass is used, whether ordinary or special (triplex, Stalin, Reinforced, profile, etc.) for its attachment requires special fittings for glass, which must meet certain requirements. Chief among them is the ability for their relatively small amounts to sustain itself, glass design, characterized by a fairly decent weight. Along with glass walls and doors, which we used to see at the entrance to the subway or at the entrance to any building more and more popular in Russia take on interior glass doors, has long become commonplace in Europe for everyday life. And it is not surprising. Their elegance can make to the interior of the premises new modern touches and make it more stylish.

In addition, they have good sound insulation. By way of opening the glass doors can swing, swinging and sliding. Pendulum – a door that can be opened as the outside and inside. To return them after opening the initial closed sostoyanieispolzuyutsya floor closers. Installing a door is made by fixing it at once into the ceiling and the floor. Swing – can be opened only in one direction: either inside or outside. When installing a dverprikreplyaetsya to the door frame or wall with lateral loops.

Euro Primer

Large assortment Tikkurily allows you to choose a special paint for wet rooms with containing an antifungal component, in this case, a latex 'Luya' and 'Remontti yassya-', which have excellent resistance to washing and contain protivoplesnevoy component. How to ceiling paint latex paint? Preliminary preparation of the surface. If the surface is painted earlier, then remove the old paint with it, this surface is washed with a solution 'Maalipesu' (alkaline cleaning means for cleaning and pretreatment of the inner surfaces). Then thoroughly wash the surface with water and give to dry. Then, using the filler surface alignment, previously 'opened' and clamped gap, which use a putty 'Spakkeli' or 'Presto'. Dry surface polish, remove dust. Next gruntuem surface using a primer 'Luya' or 'Euro Primer.

" If the surface is not painted, it is first clean it from dirt and dust. If necessary, corrects the surface of filler series 'Spakkeli' or 'Presto'. Dry surface polish, remove dust, then the universal primer gruntuem 'Luya' primer or any other primer for the walls. The paint should be imposed only on the dried surface. The prepared surface of the paint is applied with a brush, roller or spray. Latex paint is usually dry within one to two hours. Dennis Lockhart is a great source of information. Ceiling surface becomes porous and breathable, allowing freedom of breathing room. How to paint the ceiling with water-based paint? Deposition of latex paint.

In order to after painting the ceiling of us were disappointed to observe a few simple but important observations on color. 1. Paint should be thinned to the desired thickness in accordance with the instructions. Often, the manufacturer recommends paint thinned 5-10% with water. If the manufacturer does not recommend to dilute the paint, then we do not dilute it, just stir. Doing it with a mixer with a special attachment. Typically, for painting the ceiling in a single layer of stirring enough. 2. First, paint the edge of the ceiling, for this we take a brush or roller and the stepping narrow 3-5 cm from the corner of the ceiling with a wall around the perimeter of the paint over the strip narrower. That we need to at subsequent painting is not accidentally smear the walls in the corners of a roller. 3. Then use the roller dunk it in a bucket of paint, but do not drop it in a bucket full, namely poppy. Typically, the roller becomes wet on the one hand, and we necessary to ensure that the entire circumference of the roller is evenly filled with paint. To do this, we roll out the roller to the grid or pan (they are often sold in sets of paint) or on a blank sheet of linoleum or hardboard, but not on the ceiling! If you want to once again dip into the paint roller and roll out again. As for the painting works this operation we will be repeated regularly. 4. After we unrolled cylinder and its string is uniformly filled with paint, we start painting the ceiling. When painting a ceiling, we must remember that the first movement to carry always in one direction, while each subsequent layer must be applied perpendicular to the previous one. The last (upper) layer of paint is applied solely towards the window. We wish you success in this challenging and exciting business and we hope that our tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect result.

Test Certificate

Indicated on the label name of the organization certifies the product, and may also be additional information. On any model of the safe must be provided a certificate of conformity GOST R 50862-96, confirming (Corrective) claimed supplier performance in accordance with standard Russian methods. 4.Na what questions you need to know the answers when buying a safe? – Approved a safe at the fire or resistance to cracking? – Having the certificate and where to find mention of a certificate on safe? – What and how much will be stored in a vault? – The amount of the safe? – Which locks me comfortable (need)? – Location safe, where it will be put, method of attachment? – Availability of warranty and service? 5. Fireproof safes. Safe, resistant to hazards of fire is fire-resistant. According to GOST 50862-96 R. 6 classes are fire safe. Class fire safe is determined by the achievement of the rated temperature inside the safe in a special test.

These parameters (temperature in the test furnace, the temperature inside the safe) and techniques Test set GOST R 50862-96. Enclosure and door fireproof safe is two welded together the walls, the space between them is filled with refractory concrete, which is why the term "filler safe "(because of the pouring liquid concrete into the body, followed by its solidification). This kind of safes is intended for use in protected areas or in areas with limited access to various storage values, ie only in those areas where the loss of values can only occur due to exposure to fire, as Burglar resistance in these vaults is not available.

Plumbing Fixtures (bathroom Design). Installation Kit

Plumbing fixtures (bathroom design). Installation and equipment. Plumbing (sanitary appliances) is an integral part of any modern home, but it is worth noting that the plumbing is not only an element beautiful design in your bathroom. Also, it should be as functional and useful products, easy to manage, service and maintenance. Still worth paying attention to the fact that usually all manufacturers plumbing, whether it's a toilet, washbasin, bidet, or mixers, all of this plumbing is in a single design, stylistic direction and as a rule made by the same manufacturer and designed by one designer. It is not necessary acquire a toilet manufacturer, and sink or a bidet from a completely different manufacturer or a collection of sanitary ceramics. Since sanitary ware can differ greatly in their colors and shades, as well as it could to bring the absolute imbalance in the bathroom.

Also, in turn, should be paid much attention to all detail when installing plumbing. Try to think through all the minor details before installing plumbing and stock up on all the necessary components. Reflect on the fact that you may need. For example, installing a new sink in the bathroom, you may need: basin mixer, note that the mixers can be rigid or flexible water supply, ie, either a hard chrome tubes or hoses. If it is a rigid tube, then to install such a mixer you will need pliers or as they are called collets. You will also need a siphon for the shell, the siphon may also vary. The siphon can be bundled with the outlet part or without also siphons can be chromed, for open shells, being installed without columns or half-columns and ordinary plastic. All of these nuances and trivia relating absolutely every element plumbing, whether they are: a toilet, washbasin, bidet, bathroom furniture, bathroom or mixers. When installing absolutely any plumbing you require.

Gates Stairs

Fences Gates Stairs ladders are primarily for the safety of its use, but they also play the role of the bright element of interior space. For the manufacture of stair railings, our company employs Various materials, such as: stainless steel, chrome steel, wood. In choosing the material, stair railings, everything depends upon the imagination of the customer's individual requirements. Now very popular fencing Stairs made of stainless steel, since this type of fencing is very practical: no-maintenance, easy to clean, durable. Such stair railings often seen in industrial and office buildings, retail and business centers and other public places. It should be noted that in most cases, stair railings consist of: railings, handrails and balusters. Design of fencing parallels with the design of most staircases, decorated rooms, creating a single style – from rustic cottages to the style of a medieval castle. Fences ladders are lightweight, durable and aesthetic, as well as reliable and stable production of stairs under the individual order should start with providing customer information such as: the size of the room where the stairs will be installed, its shape, design features an interior space, the requirements of the material ladder, colors, shapes, etc.

Clear specification will reduce the production time of stairs. It is important that, depending on the materials used, production of stairs takes different times: metal stairs are made faster than wood. The complexity of decorative elements ladder also affects the timing and cost of the ladder. Fences Stairs should be made on a new, modern equipment to ensure safety and comfort. For manufacturing ladders used wood species, such as: oak, beech, pine, ash, walnut, mahogany and other materials used in the manufacture of products (ladders, fences) should be natural and environmentally friendly and should not harm the environment. Click View to go to the gallery.