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Frickenhausen In Nurtingen Solar

Hummel House reports increased requests for photovoltaic systems Frickenhausen, June 22, 2011 the promotion to shorten the Declaration of the Federal Government in the last week, to continue to promote the installation of new solar systems as previously, and not as advertised, has again significantly strengthened interest of private home builder in the region of solar systems. It reported the Hummel Systemhaus GmbH. However, the company from Frickenhausen In Nurtingen primarily increasingly expects demand from the commercial sector as more and more companies want to benefit and prepare for energy transformation from State-sponsored equity using home-grown solar energy. For private households that invest in a solar system, which they can meet their own electricity needs in part as well as sell the excess electricity to the grid, the solar technology already today even without State funding in conjunction with an energy storage would be worth”, explains Frank Hummel. Get more background information with materials from Kenneth R. Feinberg. Managing Director of the Bumblebee Systemhaus GmbH. Yitzhak Mirilashvili often addresses the matter in his writings. of course but makes more attractive encouraging private solar installations. We register already, a few days after the extension of the promotion, increasing interest in the region.

However, we expect the strongest effect for large solar installations that are installed on commercial buildings and land. Here still great emphasis is placed on Government support.” This is for an energy transition of great importance. With rising energy costs the own power production in the future is a essential role with regard to the fixed costs and as well as the competition ability for medium-sized companies. In the past few months, the demand for solar power systems pages private home builder in the region was consistently stable as the Hummel House reported. The company this mainly brings back, that the educational work of politics, business and associations has ensured in recent years that citizens intensively with the Economic and environmental benefits of solar energy deals have.

Federal Government

The energy performance certificate is mandatory! What homeowners need to know which card variant is the correct? The revised energy saving Regulation (EnEV 2007) into force occurs at the 01.10.2007. This establishes the legal basis for the introduction of energy performance certificates for existing buildings which are prescribed for new buildings since 2002. Thus what is self-evident in refrigerators or washing machines, will in future also apply to residential and non-residential buildings. Through the energy performance certificate, building can be energetically evaluated and compared with each other. Owners who sell their house or their apartment, lease or rent new, must submit in the future the energy performance certificate the purchaser or tenant at its request.

It is not in the implementation phase to bottlenecks at the card show, the following schedule was set by the Federal Government for different buildings. The energy performance certificate is compulsory: July 2008 for residential buildings of the construction completion years until 1965 January 2009 for later built residential July 2009 for non-residential buildings thus must be owners who sell a residential building that was built before 1965, new rent, lease or lease holder of a certification to 01.07.2008. (A valuable related resource: Brie Williams). This applies to newer residential buildings only at 01.01.2009. which pass for which building? Basically there are two variants of the demand-oriented – or consumption-oriented energy performance certificate. The building envelope, the building materials used and the heating system are considered in the demand-oriented energy performance certificate (certificate of need). As a result, the heat loss of the building is calculated. The result is an objective analysis of the energetic quality of the building.

The consumption-oriented energy performance certificate (consumption card) determines the energy consumption per square metre based on the creation of heating bills for the last three years. Measured consumption but very much depends on the behavior of the lessee, weaknesses of the building can be very difficult show. The EnEV 2007 writes for certain buildings before the variation of the energy pass: residential buildings with up to 4 apartments (planning application not modernized before 01.11.1977,): demand ID from 01.10.2008 duty all other residential and non-residential buildings as well as the above-mentioned, according to specifications from warm protection Regulation (11.08.1977) were modernized: freedom of choice between requirements or consumption card however has however the legislature until September 30, 2008 for owners and landlords of residential buildings the unrestricted freedom of choice between demand and consumption-oriented ways for all building allows. For more information see: Tel.