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Logic Amount

For services legal representative must pay. Whether he will win your case or not. For this reason, there is a contradiction. On the one hand you do not want to give money just like that, and with another lawyer refuses to work is not received an advance. Ideal for customer's contract and pay the money on the fact of the work performed. In other words won the case – get the promised amount, and lost himself to blame. But this is hardly representative of the suit. Logic simple, there are external factors over which can not meet a lawyer.

In addition, the case could drag on for months and have to live today. Ideal for a representative would get the whole amount at once, here and now. However, it is fraught with some moments. A person can take the money and do nothing, just create the appearance of that money is not repaid. Or start working, but after the money will end up on a port. A lawyer may advance knows what a losing, and still takes money? Of course, this is unlikely to suit the client. And you can pay for each action lawyer individually. Plus the obvious work to be done.

Negative, will result in a lot of money. Think about it, one business to pay, let's 15,000 rubles for the whole thing at once, and another, each time to pay a claim for a consultation with the hike in court. Think for yourself. In my opinion, the solution of this situation is hiding somewhere in the middle. As it is not funny sounds, despite the fact that the money paid for the work, the lawyer should be motivated. For example, pay 50% of the contract, and the rest on the fact of the work performed. Or pay the entire amount at once, plus interest winning amount. Pay such amount will not be sorry to lose. And here's another idea, in case of loss to the principal representative of the returns of 50% of the amount paid. I think that last option would be fair. In any case under the Civil Code in our country, the principle of freedom of contract. On what terms to enter into a contract deal between you and the representative. Thank you for your attention