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Supreme Court Minister

To read the main proposals of the candidates to mayors, as well as local and federal deputies of the States of Michoacan Ocampo and Jalisco, I find that most of the candidates propose that it is essential to resolve the problem of unemployment. Also most proposed any strategy for improving the economy of the municipality or district that will represent, but only five candidates speak of improving the economy through the reduction of public civil servant salaries and avoid the unnecessary expense of these as rewards for good performance, private medical insurance, pantry, among others petrol vouchers. It is true that it is important to invest in companies of all sizes and sectors so that they grow and therefore create jobs. But it is also essential to reduce this huge gap between salaries that exists among the people of this country. Since although a company grow, but employees continue winning miserable wages because people in high positions exponentially increase his salary to live a life full of luxuries and privileges, economic development in the nation will never exist. Today, Michoacan State workers receive a minimum wage than a thousand 597 dollars a month, while a Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation receives a salary of 347 thousand pesos a month. The Minister WINS 220 times a worker with minimum wage, receives more benefits and better quality than the minimum wage worker. It will be able to justify that the Minister receives better salary than a worker because his work requires more preparation, but what cannot be justified is the huge difference between salaries, since both work the same amount of hours a day and both have the same basic needs. It is not worth that a person enjoy unnecessary luxuries while the majority of the population is in poverty.