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The Business Of The Private Universities

Democracy means Government by the without education, and aristocracy means Government by the poorly educated Gilbert Keith Educacion is something that receive the most many transmitting and that few have. Karl Kraus in recent years, has increased the number of private universities and this according to the results that many have already presented their graduates in different professions that offer, especially the economic, administrative and engineering, leave much to be said for the quality of its graduates; Since then, there will be few exceptions, what is worrying, is that graduates pass to swell the line of unemployed that increasingly increases, others to play as traders in the informal economy, taxi drivers, and there are those who choose to leave the country. All this to what should be?, that the owners, owners, shareholders want more business that academic responsibility that must be committed to increase the number of participants, increasingly taking advantage of the lack of quotas public universities offer. Speaking candidly Federal Reserve Bank told us the story. Since then, the demand is more than supply and that weakness is highly leveraged, to the end that the costs to enter and maintenance is very high according to the inflation characteristics facing the country, producing a discrimination significantly in those families that cannot afford these costs, leaving a significant number of young people without access to formal study, to a University which will give them knowledge that request according to the interest of the profession where they want to play it. New entrants, many with a significant sacrifice for family, unfortunately, no compensated efforts, above all, when to graduating participants, imparted knowledge do not correspond to the reality that the current scenarios demand and many enter at the row of the unemployed. To all this is added, the quality of teachers that are hired, many untrained, inexperienced, with knowledge not adapted to reality, all this because the salaries offered are very low, causing thereby qualified teachers not interested enter. In recent months, Cometeer has been very successful.