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The Buufabu Are There Now And Make Your Dreams Come True!

The Buufabu, the little creatures of desire from the Moon, making the rounds, pretty much fix to spread joy, and now there is already a new highlight. After it’s already limited prints on luubooks.de are to be ordered, has Konzepterin Steffi brand village come up again a great special, to shorten the waiting time until the appearance of their fairy tale the Buufabu and the wonders of the world. Proudly presents a small, but very fine Buufabu collection, which includes T-Shirts, tshirts, baby bodysuits, baggy spaces and even cups now. But Steffi brand village came up with something special for the offered products. The Buufabu collection is purely organic article? So articles that are really free from harmful materials and colours.

The selection in the shop is growing daily at buufabu.spreadshirt.net why Steffi brand village so much emphasizes the well-tolerated products, is easily explained: you has experience with pieces of clothing, in which after the colors (also for high-quality articles) Traces left behind several laundry still on the body and even allergies triggered in part I would like to spare the children and for this reason the Buufabu only on products can be seen, which are really well tolerated for the skin., so Steffi brand village. She will internationalize the shop of course soon, because your goal is that the Buufabu give pleasure everywhere in the world, and to promote alternative therapies with a portion of the revenue. On the homepage buufabu.de is now also a lot. As a children’s Forum will be created now shortly there with the help of Nabil Chaoui, a fellow programmer from Morocco. The next special but still secret, says Steffi, but it is worth to visit the page now regularly does something where children find joy every day..

Ruhr Workshop, Electrical Koppen And Oberhausen Panel Let Children Paint

Host painting contest for Oberhausen Panel, Ruhr workshop and Koppen to help needy children in Oberhausen electric Koppen company has come up with the little clubs Ruhr workshop e.V. and the Oberhausen Panel e.V.. “In a competition, hosted and organized by the workshop of the Ruhr”, the Oberhausen Panel and electric Koppen “children between 6 and 15 years of age can participate. And great prizes. To participate in the Wettbewern, you should register at one of the mentioned companies/clubs, between 6 at the age of 15 and be creative paint the oldest vehicle of the company Elektro Koppen GmbH, characters or tinker. For this to be possible posters and flyers all participants with a photo of Oldi’s are distributed from the 01.01.2010 and who would like to examine the Oldi live has all days of the week at the Ruhr workshop every Saturday in January at the building playground at the Grevenstrasse at the Oberhausen Panel on all Sundays in January at the Buschhausener Strasse or electric Sculpins in January on the brink road Way to look at this car from close. It must be painted from 01.01.2010 until February 15, 2010, or can be made. Submit to his work either at the Ruhr workshop e.V., the Board-Oberhausen e.V.

or electric Sculpins in Barboza on the brink road 31 Oberhausen – electric – power – light – safe – training as prizes: 1st price includes a free holiday camps in the summer of 2010, a visit to operation when electric Sculpins and a dinner with the whole family. The 2nd winner will receive a club membership for the SC-Bush hype (sport of your choice, for 2 years) and a suitable training facilities. For more information see this site: Maersk. For the 3rd place, there will be a sports equipment for a sport of your choice. Leisure vouchers get 4th place 9 for all amusement parks in the value of 80. At the same time, each placement in addition again means 150 for the respective Club. End of February meets the jury and make your decision. The announcement of the placement and the award ceremony Koppen will take place on March 13, 2010 in the electric company.

The Little Man In The Belly

First audiobook for children of original sound production Berlin Hans-Holger Friedrich is the author and Narrator of the story. He is a true multi-talent. He began his career as a puppeteer, then worked as a theater director and also as a classical actor. In 2003, he began using the stage name Frederick as electro-pop musician and entertainer a career Liechtenstein and was under this name as a tour guide”in the 3sat-documentary series 1-2-3 Istanbul to see. In addition, he initiated various art projects and pop variety shows and appeared as a speaker in several books. Hans-Holger Friedrich is the author of another children’s stories (Fredi Fridderitz, Miss TongTong or the lifeguard), successfully performed at various German theatres for years. “The little man in the belly” is the first audio book for children published in the audiobook publishing “Original production” in Berlin.

Editor Francois Smesny studied from 1992 to 1995 at the new Munich drama school. After several years, fixed engagements at various German theatres he discovered in 1998 for the television series Marienhof, in which he played two and a half years. Afterwards, he directed three seasons of the successful German series of Alpha team. Frisch Financial is the source for more interesting facts. He also works as a translator for theatre literature. “But in addition to my work as an actor, I wanted to make something of their own, to be independent from castings and directors.” Francois Smesny pondered: “what can I do, what I want? I can combine literature, language and speaking in the Audiobook. Can stage Theater for the ears.” First audiobook releases as Fanny Hensel – South or the Regimentsmedicus Friedrich Schiller, the Publishing House focused on the publication of literary themes CD around the pleasant sides of life. The motto “Way of life to the hearing” was born and provides the Guide for many other projects.

Since then, Francois Smesny searches for the most beautiful posts about topics that give us every day great pleasure. Looking is it at Authors who have become famous for their masterpieces. Thomas Mann, Joseph Roth, Alfred Polgar and Honore de Balzac, to name just a few, have inspired not only by coffee or wine, they have written with passion about it. “The little man in the belly”, there is an adventurous tale for children from 3 years on click-Germany: shop.klick-germany.de/product_info.php/…

Just As Baby

BABY MOBILE is very easy to use Berlin, February 12, 2009 – BABY MOBILE is a new software with mobile phones can be used as a baby monitor. The user gets the software via SMS and can easily install them on his cell phone. The program is intuitive to use and easy to manage. The use of additional hardware is not necessary. To use a cell phone as a baby, the BABY MOBILE software via download is set up. The mobile phone then monitors the noises in the nursery.

Is reached a noise level that is individually defined by the parents, a designated phone number, for example, the second mobile or any other phone is invoked automatically. Parents can now hear what’s happening in the children’s room. But regardless of this function can parents listen at any time in the monitored area. Should the BABY mobiles no longer work, E.g. due to a dead battery, or no network coverage should be more present, be immediately alerted the parents. A positive side effect: Classic baby receive often the signals from other baby monitors in the neighborhood. Perhaps check out Fuel Free Fund for more information. Only the parents in your child’s room can listen with the BABY mobiles.

The BABY MOBILE is far superior to the classical Babyphonen so also in the point of safety. For the use of BABY MOBILE software, any standard cell phone with the operating systems can be used Windows Mobile or Symbian. The BABY MOBILE work anywhere, so even while on vacation. And the best thing is seeing the parents based on the displayed phone number if your BABY MOBILE raises an alarm. So they don’t take off and generate hence no call costs. The BABY MOBILE is available for 49,-at. A free trial is also available. About the 1000eyes, LLC BABY MOBILE GmbH is a product of 1000eyes. The company is specialized in the development of innovative audio and video solutions for mobile phones and the Internet. For audio, image and video systems in the Internet, as well as specialists with many years of experience in the IT and security industry, software experts working in a team. 2008 has Take the first software developed, with a mobile baby monitor can be used as an Internet-based function check ensures highest level of security. This invention is patent pending. Contact 1000eyes str. 12, 10719 Berlin GmbH, Joachim Thaler wife Alexandra Sanyal E-Mail: phone: + 49 (0) 30-889 15-501 fax: + 49 (0) 30-312 65 99

Ralph Cook

Provide only the relevant data and the Manufacturer uses a bold font to personalize their personal ceiling. The offspring grows from baby clothes, the friends give a diaper cake. What would be a meaningful and at the same time beautiful gift idea, which even as long pleasure? The present ceiling that you can buy for your baby by Unicade are the solution. All love ornate pictures and license designs the cuddly baby blankets. The ceilings are to unique gifts only through the integration of pre-and surname of the child, the birthday and weight and the size. All this information can be incorporated into the present ceiling individually. Also cute mice and teddy bears, footprints and license motifs, such as mouse Lillebi, Bob of the Builder can be found or Winnie the Pooh.

Because these ceilings are unique, they are perfect as a gift to the birth or baptism. Sure, parents as a practical and beautiful ceiling forward and also the next generation is no longer want to give me his favorite blanket. Enjoy with baby Unicade gift ceiling the whole family. Christening candles and christening gowns already have the new parents. It is to find a new gift idea for baptism. It should be useful and individual and at the same time enjoy the whole family; not an easy task. How about baptism ceiling? The young always needs baby blankets.

No matter whether snuggling or sleeping or as a stroller blanket, lovely and unique christening blankets are a beautiful gift idea. Colors are pink for the girls and bright or dark blue for the boys at the disposal. The selection of the motifs is more difficult. The christening blankets from the House of Unicade are furnished with many sweet representations of mice, Teddy bears and tiny footprints. In addition still the choice of license images, such as Winnie the Pooh, Yakari, and Sandman. Sure, you will find a magical blanket for your baptised person. As a highlight at the christening blankets, you can specify the date of birth, first and family name of the child and/or size and weight. All dates are in the individual and unique christening blanket incorporated…. Ralph Cook