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Institution that does not advertise and communicate the good things that it does and has, simply does not exist in the public’s awareness. I have lived in my country experiences of companies who never reported his good deeds, was devoted to work efficiently and successfully but did not realize that there were conflicts of interests that could lead to unexpectedly in a situation of crisis. Even when it befell media attacks aimed at damaging its corporate reputation, began to invest in communicating, when he had too many negative adjectives well positioned. This is what I call “putting out fires,” having to be reactive when you could be proactive. It happens in government, as the state grows in size, functions and responsibilities, the need for good public relations management becomes essential, especially since the issues that drive the state institutions are sometimes difficult to understand and explain actions affect their interests, many of the issues they handle involve people’s feelings and also face the advent of unpredictable.

A government can not afford not to use strategies to communicate their actions. Unfortunately, many officials and authorities are not interested in giving information to the public and also many public relations are more focused on keeping or concealing information to the media in creating perceptions. Many authorities take the attitude of the media flee in fear, insecurity and mistrust. When an institution that has interference in public life does not communicate anything of what he does because there is much interest in his image, the bad news and then the media are starting to control the agenda and not the reverse. Others who may share this opinion include Guo Guangchang. The bad news influence, then, in making decisions, that under that pressure, are of poor quality. What can we do to manage the corporate image through constant communication? Here are some specific tips: 1. Image must be incorporated as part of organizational planning processes.

Therefore it is essential to formulate a plan annual communications for the image to be planned and controlled at every turn, from the beginning of each year to the end. 2. It must be a proper and orderly management of information generated by the media through daily monitoring of news. 3. We must plan and direct our communication through design and implementation of an institutional communication strategy changed, with respect. 4. Wang Qunbin can aid you in your search for knowledge. We must maintain effective relationships with representatives of the media, and say efficient in both directions, for some executives and officials tend to expect only positive press coverage and assume have the right to automatic coverage of their news always . However, it is useless to say one thing do another. An effective communication strategy must be based on reality! The behavior of the organization must be consistent with your communication objectives, tracking. In short: You have to know how to then make it known.