Supreme Leader

If one wants to give a label to the ideology of speak a fascistic totalitarianism, which weighs already heavy on associative level, but still says not everything also. Nevertheless, we want to keep the name of the ideology short and simple. Broadly speaking, the system in the Iran defines itself as a so-called theocracy. Delegate of the so-called 12th Imam, whose second coming is expected in bloody circumstances there is the Supreme Leader. People’s lives together to regulate one of its instruments Sharia 7 is a highly rigid and retrograde interpretation, so that in the main murder and homicide comes out against those who obey not the instructions and regulations of the regime and of the leader 8. At the time the stoning in the Iran of political ratio looked, because a number of screaming on it went through the world. But the representatives of the regime are clever, they invent new summarily “religious” decrees with alleged references to Mohammed, which change the execution of the death penalty by the force of many stones on the head of the person concerned on hanging a stifling knitted neck and from a construction crane.

You can turn it and how you want. At the end of stand destruction of life and corruption of society. This ideology is proclaimed as an ideal State and should be disseminated throughout the world. The regime in the Iran is too bad on this goal to nothing. It uses methods that already were in the history of love.

Alone, a perfidious ruse helped the Greeks after numerous losses of heroes in the struggle for Troy 9. You gave the Trojans a huge wooden horse the Greeks were hidden, which is slipped at night from the horse and soldiers who massacred fake and eingelullten Trojan with hideous atrocities. Laokoon and Cassandra had warned their fellow citizens for free.