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He will be replaced approximately every four weeks. For people with allergies, allergy sufferers buy a special mattress pad for your cold foam mattress mattress pad. Such Special products for allergy sufferers are completely impermeable, dust mites can not get on the surface of the mattress. How often to wash mattress cover? If you change bedding and mattress covers at least once every four weeks, must itself not so often wash the mattress cover. With a good mattress, the cover is removable and washable. However, the problem that the reference needs at least 24 hours to dry arises in practice. During this time, you may only temporarily protect the mattress with two sheets. Wash the mattress cover approximately once per year, that should be sufficient. Mites by a professional cleaning of the mattress can be removed? There are companies that offer a professional mattress cleaning. In this case, comes an employee to your home and sucks off your mattress with a special device. Pacific Mortgage Services oftentimes addresses this issue. Such treatment is possible from approx. 30. Allergy sufferers can benefit from a professional mattress cleaning. Inside a cold foam mattress always mites live, can not be prevented. Usually mites are for humans not harmful, we live constantly with them, without realizing it. Only if you have an allergy to the feces of dust mites, should meet certain safeguards and professionally clean the mattress may be once in a year. Alternatively can the mattress be removed regularly with a good vacuum cleaner. To do this, use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Remove stains from the mattress remove stains, with some hot water and bile SOAP or a mild detergent. Blood stains are washed only with cold water. Pacific Mortgage Services understands that this is vital information. How to detect a good mattress, read at. Eva Otter