Steel Or Alloy?

What is the best way to cut steel, with a disk or wheel? And so, and that, although it still argue themselves hoarse. In the West, called wheel drive wheel, which is translated as ‘wheel’, but Russia has taken root and the word ‘drive’. Apparently, it’s more convenient. After saying ‘wheel’, it is necessary further decipher: the wheel ‘full’, ie, complete with bus, with or without tires. And the term ‘wheel disc’ has a double interpretations. Selecting naturally for you. Steel wheels very well. Cheap, reliable, durable.

If a strong shock will not crack, and wrinkled; restore it to normal operating form though not very easy, but it is possible – either on a special machine, or if Zamyatin’s not too serious, the banal with a sledgehammer. Disadvantages: too heavy and appears to be rather boring, steel stamping can not radically change the design, so steel wheels all look the same. Steel wheels are replaced with intense market alloy. What are they better? A stylish contemporary look, a variety of species – this is enough to attract a buyer. The main thing – a solid gain in weight, and thus reduce the load on the powertrain, suspension, brakes and hub bearings. In addition – very efficient cooling of the inhibitory site, firstly, due to its high thermal conductivity of light alloys, secondly, the ability to make a disc with very large holes (without loss of stiffness), and with directional vanes which are driven by rotating wheels on the air brake. And yet – the high precision manufacturing, which contributes to a more precise balancing.

CDs and forge pour from aluminum and magnesium alloys. If placed in a light-alloy wheels ascending order of strength, the series will be: cast magnesium – aluminum die-cast – forged aluminum – forged magnesium. Warning! Cast magnesium wheels – not for Russian roads. When driving on potholes (and which still consist of our roads?) cast magnesium quick burst. In addition, the requirements for it to protect the surface from corrosion is very high. Magnesium is very good, but not in a cast version, and forged.