Steel Channels

Channel bars are divided into the following categories: Steel channels Hot This type of channel bars are manufactured according to gost 535-88 sloping internal faces of the shelves and with parallel flanges: 10, 10P, etc. Slope of internal faces are not exceed 10%. Range Steel channels r / k corresponds to gost 8240-89. Number of channel bar g / k corresponds to its size (the distance between the outer edges), expressed in centimeters. For example: Channel bar? 10 – the distance between faces of the channel bar is 10 cm All other dimensions: width shelves, wall thickness, etc.

according to gost (listed in Table. directory). Channel with the letter A at the end of the room (14A) – a channel with sloping inner faces of the shelves, but it is wider and the shelf, respectively, the weight per meter more than the usual channel bar (without letters). There are special types of hot-channel bar: channel dedicated to the automotive industry – gost 19425-74 (18C, 20C), a special channel for railcar – gost 5267.1-90 (8V, 14V, 18V). Steel channels bent (equal and unequal) Steel curved channel bars are manufactured according to gost 11474-76 on profile-bending machine from cold and hot rolled steel common quality, quality carbon structural and low alloy. Range corresponds to the channel bar bent: Equal – gost 8278-89; unequal – gost 8281-80. Number of channel bars correspond to Size, expressed in millimeters. For example: 40h32h2 and 5, where 40 – is the distance between the flanges (mm), 32 – flange width (mm) 2.5 – wall thickness (mm). Visual bent channel differs from the presence of hot-rolled rounded outer corner.