Stainless Steel

What is stainless steel? Steel – a carbon-iron, which receives during quenching greater elasticity and firmness. In modern steel metallurgy mainly smelt iron and steel scrap. How to get stainless steel? In the steel compared to cast iron contains less carbon, silicon, sulfur and phosphorus. For steel from iron should reduce the concentration of substances by oxidizing melting. In modern metallurgical industry, there are three modes of production were: open-hearth, converter (design ga Bessemer or Thomas T.) and elektrostaleplavitelny. Open-hearth steel making method is that the iron is melted in a special (open hearth) furnaces, which are stationary and swinging. The essence of the converter method of producing steel is that in liquid iron, poured into the converter (vessel pear-shaped) bottom-blown air, thereby burning out the carbon and other impurities iron.

Finished metal is poured into a bucket and poured into a special form, called the mold. This has become a way of obtaining a number of advantages: high efficiency (duration of melting of 30 – 40 min), the compactness and simplicity of the device, the lack of fuel requirements for the process. Therefore, the cost of converter steel is low. However, converter steel is not used for critical structures because of the high content of nitrogen in it, oxides of iron and phosphorus, which could affect its quality. If, instead of air during purging of liquid iron using oxygen, I get the same quality steel hearth below. Converter steel is used for the manufacture of wire, small building profiles, welded pipes, bolts, soft roofing and sheet metal. When elektrostaleplavitelnom mode of production, steel is produced in special electric furnaces. This method of production is currently the most common. Kinds of steel pipes are distinguished the following types of Steel Pipe: Profiles, Seamless steel pipes, steel, corrosion-cold, tubing and other steel pipes used in construction, engineering, shipbuilding and other fields.