Sprouting Society

But, of that such forms this professor goes to unite pedagogical methods way technician/that the pupils sitam themselves motivated for the education process/learning? He observes yourself, however, that the reflection is an act necessary, fitting to the professor to perceive the problematic ones happened of the reality, in this context which the importance of the formation of the fascinating professor, in way such that this comes to have a new to look at front to the problems of the daily pertaining to school? One estimates that it fits to the professor as to be participant and operating of this globalizada society, reflection, comment and participation in way such, that has rescued the process of development of having educated. Then valley to question, which the necessity of reformularization in the process of teaching formation front to the challenges to teach a globalizada society? THE FORMATION OF THE FASCINATING PROFESSOR AND ITS CHALLENGES IN THE ART TO TEACH The formation of the professor in the Brazilian society, according to Saviani (1989), until middle of the decade of 30, was based on the traditional pedagogia, which the traditionalistic educators believed that its main task was to transmit the information, the rules and the collected values of the past for the new generations. However, with the sprouting of a new industrialized society classic traditional education was losing its vigor and more it did not correspond to the necessities of ' ' to learn fazendo' ' of the capitalist society, in which the construction of the knowledge if gave through the cooperative and significant learning. Perhaps check out Craig Menear for more information. Such transformations suggest the professionalization of the professor, being necessary that the professor develops inherent habits to this process, as to read, to study, to reflect and to search. From this, a professional of education with new attitudes, reflective professor will appear, in turn, the searching professor (Schn, 2000). .