Welcome back my dear emprnededor, in this article we will talk about the importance of having multiple sources of income for our life and comfort. If you do not know me my name is Enrique Gastelo, now let’s look at going to the reality of many people now living in cities, or maybe not in cities but in towns, in rural places. In the end, all those people or families who live mostly in cattle in a job (the father or mother), and only argue that, without thinking that they are in a fragile economic situation. Perhaps you’re wondering if even not you’ve got you in this world of businesses from home, because I say that millions of families, these families, are in a fragile economic situation. I say this because if they lose the sole source of income that allows them to survive, they stay in the air and without any other form of economic dampening. I.e. one day parent loses his job and fails to make money, if it is that it has saved a little perhaps have an little time getting another job, but that’s not a healthy lifestyle, is more that mata.

Therefore it is recommended to have multiple or several sources of income, I am not referring to have many jobs or jobs and end up almost dead with fatigue to make ends meet. But leverage is, and build profitable businesses or micro-enterprises, which will make us win a certain amount of money each. That’s the idea, I hope I helped in something.