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Being thus, esteautor has broken for the study of the normality of the worker, aiming at to integraoentre the individuals and the organizations, what terceirocaptulo will be boarded in ours. In the diasatuais, speech of what if it considers normal or abnormal, became the subject, that, more than the necessary one for the agreement of changeable factors in our society, opened space for the sprouting of diverse research around these concepts, what about danormalidade made possible prominence the different theoretical boardings (humanist, mannering and sociologias, for example). However, in this study, the fact is taken in account of that Dejours when creating the Psicodinmicado Work, brings inserted in the same one, decurrent questions of the Psychoanalysis, which had to the fact of being this the main theoretical chain followed by the author. We will search then, in quartocaptulo to discourse on the existing relation between Psicanlisee Psicodinmica of the Work. Finally in the last chapter, for inquiry of the problematic one, we will go you know modalities of intervention of the Psicodinmica of the Work, tecendoconsideraes on the suffering, the consequent psychic load and mecanismosde prohibited that the worker elaborates to protect itself of the labor suffering, as form of psychic discharge. This research is given credit that to possaacrescentar academic knowledge to the studies in the areas that envolvemPsicologia, Health, Work and mainly what if it relates to Psicodinmica doTrabalho, serving as reference for expansion of such boarding, cujaimportncia is considered extreme nowadays.

1 Contextualizaohistrica Becomes necessary the elaboration of the historical contextualizao dPsicologia of the Work, which had to the fact of the same one if to find ' ' simbolicamente' ' divided in three faces: Industrial psychology, Organizacional Psychology ePsicologia of the Work; as it suggests Sampaio (1998). The study of the way covered for this science is considered of grandeimportncia until the arrival aosdias current. 1.1 Soon historical of the passage of the Psychology of the Work The first face of the Psychology of the Work, the Industrial Psychology, foifundada for Walter Dill Scott the same enters the years of 1902 and 1909 and adopted by HugoMunsterberg in period.