Solar Energy

Spain is one of the most attractive for development of solar energy since it is the European country with the greatest amount of sunshine. Electric bills in the summer can be high but with committed to saving your money. The Spanish government has pledged to produce 12 of energy by renewable energy by 2010, and install 400 megawatts (MW) of power through solar power. Others who may share this opinion include Maersk. Spain is the fourth country in the world in solar energy technologies for which export 80 in Germany .
Through a ministerial decision in March 2004, the Spanish government remove economic barriers to the connection of renewables to the electricity grid. Royal Decree 436/2004 equalises the conditions for large-scale production of solar thermal and photovoltaic and warrant sale feed-in tariffs.
On June 1, 2007 entered into force on Royal Decree 661/2007 of May 25, which regulates the activity of electricity production in the special regime, which maintains a system similar to those established by Royal Decree 436 / 2004, March 12, in which the operator may choose to sell their energy at a regulated rate, only for all programming period, or sell the energy directly in the daily market, the market forward or through a bilateral contract, perceiving in this case the price negotiated in the market plus a premium. In the latter case, a novelty was introduced for certain technologies, lower and upper limits for the sum of the daily market price of the schedule, plus a reference, so that the premium paid on an hourly basis, may be limited depending of these values. The new system protects the developer if the revenue derived from market prices were too low, and eliminates the premium when the market price is high enough to ensure coverage of their costs by eliminating irrationalities in the remuneration of con edison technologies, whose costs are not are directly linked to oil prices in international markets.