Second Walls

Then put them on clay solution. And only after that start laying on the cement mortar. I think there is no need to explain that the masonry columns and walls should be conducted simultaneously. On the one hand, some are complicated, and the other – makes your job because already in the process of laying you create a spatial stiffness for columns. However, I would recommend that after the first hook lay out, still wait for 10 – 12 days until the solution is well grab. Why? To install scaffolding for masonry second zahvatki accident not to disturb the fresh masonry, the more you do not accidentally destroy it. And again, the basement ceiling joists must lay only after the second clutch will zahvatki sound, that is, the same 10 – 12 days.

Mount the beam is also the anchor bars. Try it and see for yourself – there's nothing wrong with self-masonry pillars and walls. The walls of your basement, I would strongly advised to insulate the slag – or 6 cm thick glass wool in a single layer. Warm place (and it is designed for a fairly long period of residence in the garden of), but with a stove, it is necessary. Can you imagine the weather merzopakostnaya, is that rain and snow, then snow and rain.

Damp, cold, brrr … And the rooms warm and dry. Good-naturedly muttered something boiling kettle. Quietly playing radio. In general, complete comfort. And sleep well in warm and dry in and relax, and work when there is a warm rear. Moreover, after the release of your basement, where he will perform its essential functions (hozblok a multifunctional), including chickens and function> ggnika, if you want it can be warmed for 2 months to extend egg production hens.