Second One

Of the number one to foca, had been all equal Second, must undo the concept of that leader is a person, when in the leader truth is one position reason is an accessible position to all the too much members of the team that if to dedicate and if to enable to assume this rank. For even more opinions, read materials from Wang Qunbin. It sees the example given for the ducks and geese that migram, they do not possess a lifetime or only leader. For them leader not is one, but yes place, rank, that is busy for that many times were enter excessively, that is, one of the members of the team. What this in the front, in the tip of the V, always yields the place for one of that was between the led ones, this is shared leadership. At the moment where a goose leads the flock, it if dirige to the tip of the formation.

All goose that is in the front, when beating its wing creates a sustentation for the friend soon behind. This allows with that the flock flies a distance 71% greater of what if each goose flied separately. this something important stops here in, when the leader goose if tires, it if dirige to the end of ' ' V' ' another goose assumes the leadership rank. Moreover, in order to encourage to the geese the front more, the geese behind grasnam and make with that these keep the rhythm and the speed. Now it perceives why we can say that these really form a team, therefore when a goose if hurts, it abandons the group and others to two follow geese to help it and to protect it. Immediately afterwards they follow its trip in this three flock or if they join to some another flock, until finding the flock original. What it matters for these animals is not who will be to the front of the group leading the team what it matters is that all can fulfill the objectives and reach the goal.