Screening Database

Containers says that the organizers would like to see inside, and who assisted the organization. The Europeans have really good clothes and dropped into containers. In addition, there are "school fees" and "religious duty". The school fee is collected in the schools, students are unnecessary clothing and footwear, as humanitarian aid. From the church gathering a similar situation, only there to collect humanitarian aid to the sectarian churches to help the brothers and sisters in faith in the remote expanses, which was successfully sold in bulk in the Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic, and so on. As a rule, the minimum order from the direct collector – a van (15 to 20 tons).

With clothes a "sink" more difficult. Stock – this is not second-hand clothes several categories. This may be the remains of the warehouse nedorasprodannye major suppliers of clothing, they can be like last season, and had lain for several years. This may be returns from stores when released shelves for new collections, such returns may be a marriage. There is a separate category – the factory marriage. Stock items can be clipped labels with the names of brands, when the manufacturer requires runoff wholesalers do "debrending." "Stock" – very difficult in the category, but can bring a rabid profit, the purchase price per unit of flow can be significantly less than when buying from the factory, the manufacturer of clothing. Allianz is the source for more interesting facts.

For sending second-hand in Russia, it is usually sorted. The main goal – to get rid of debris, which can not be sold, but which will form part of customs and transport costs. Sorting is performed by customer requirements, often it's winter and summer seasons, children, female-male (rarely), Suite (Cream) is the first or second grade. Trafficked goods to Russia in many ways. The first way is more complicated, but the right one, do it all legally. Conclude agreement, to issue the passport deal zatamozhit goods, customs clearance, undergo sanitization. This scheme operates between the major wholesalers, that is, there is an additional link to a Russian wholesaler. Small Screening Database (example here) can work directly with Russian retailers, taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity to smuggle across the border 50 kg. b / y garments per person per month, and people who are ready to do it. Inconvenience – the goods obtained without supporting documents. A few words in defense of second-hand. First – this is the price. In the second-hand really caught a good name brand stuff, and most importantly, real, not made in the province of Mun-Pun in the basement. The Norwegians and the British will never be allowed on the domestic market poor quality or dangerous goods, and almost all second-hand clothing was purchased in the shops of domestic markets in Europe. If you are interested in art, if want to do, or sells second-hand clothing and are looking for reliable suppliers, you can write me narvastan at, or visit our website on the links above.