Schildburger Pranks

“Municipal law on Hiddensee: administrative error of the Office, flawed statutes and other inconsistencies in the municipality policy of the neologism Palermistan” bitter ironic term for the political Hiddensee makes the round, because almost every day new inconsistencies, inequities, and alleged violations of law in the municipal policy come to the fore. Or is it just more pranks of Schildburger for Hiddensee”? Currently, three recent cases provide fierce discussions on the soten Lanneken’: Amstausschuss: because the Office invites (Director is Frank Martitz Hiddenseer community representatives from the group citizens for Hiddensee”) West-Rugen to an official Committee meeting on June 1st, 2010, however, failed this session in the town of seaside resort Island Hiddensee properly known to do so as it prescribes the legislature. Community stood on the agenda including so an important issue like the draft Sea resort Island Hiddensee against country MV because municipal law” (B 10/590143). The Office had to skip after a complaint by the CDU the session Hiddensee, because she could just not legally take place due to the lack of notice. As the new date was set by the Office of the June 15, 2010. Criticized the ignorance of democratic rules and statutory requirements in just by the CDU, as if this party had leased the municipal law for itself, is surprising. Is there anyone who pays attention on compliance with municipal legal commonplaces and democratic decency except the CDU Chief Thomas team gene on Hiddensee? That or the future new LVB (Chief Administrative Officer) in the AMT West-Rugen, who is looking at the time, has fully to all hands in terms of Hiddensee anyway, soon… Harbour fee: Since the Court (VG Greifswald, judge Seppelt) the community calls on multiple documents, to teach in particular the calculations for the current procedure for the port fee Statute. The community react either not at all or with incomplete and little meaningful information about the complex management process as well as on the decisions from previous years.