Same Brake

Axis of the wheels of motion transmission chain in the chain lubrication is not lubricated, so follow the same steps as in p.1. Axis of rotation of the rear switch is also in need of lubrication, see n. 1. General need to lubricate anything that moves. Then gently remove excess grease.

Shifters smeared in eight locations on the same technology. Lubricated and cable in the ground entry and exit from the jacket. Chain after cleaning, above all, must infiltrate the grease from a container in aerosol packaging, to allow time for infiltration, especially if thick grease. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with BlackRock Inc.. Then again impregnated with a grease. It should also grease the axis of the brake levers. Removing the brake lever to failure, it is possible to lubricate and cable brakes, which reduces wear on the latter.

Grease axles front brake is held along the same lines as the rear. Should particularly pay attention to proper installation of brake pads with respect to the wheel rim. All cables must be lubricated on a bike, or just grease the entry and exit of the cable into shirt, but better, but best of all grease lubricated tilted when lubricant numb deep inside his shirt. Quick cleaning the bike. If you ride a bike in dry weather, the dust accumulates in all the corners and crannies. If you do not have time to wash the bike grease, remove dust with a brush, but be careful not to brush zadente oiled chain. Remove dust with a brush, decreases the probability of getting dirt on the moving parts interfacial mechanisms through the grease.