Sales Launch Of The NPL Funds Of The NPL Investor GmbH

Lucrative investment for private investors increasingly due to the financial crisis have in the banking industry, particularly in mortgage financing, loans accumulated, the either not or only irregularly served. In the financial world, such loans are referred to as non-performing loans (NPL). Credit risks can be reduced and additional liquidity for new shops stands, banks offer such demands on the capital market. Through a sale of NPLs, the respective banks send also positive signals towards credit rating agencies, regulators and investors. The NPL market serves the sensible risk management, as well as refinancing and to stabilize the financial system as a whole. The benefits for the buyer arises from the lower purchase price of commitment towards the expected proceeds. A high degree of complexity and pace, as well as a variety of the offered claims or demand packages are dominant for the NPL market. This knowledge is not the private investors usually accessible, but merely an institutional investors reserve, which is due to the significant amount of available capital, through existing access paths and professional practices promoting the active use in the location.

The NPL investor GmbH stands against this backdrop for innovative financial strategies that will allow private investors to invest in the NPL market successfully and Exchange regardless. To realize this core competence in the sense of private investors, the NPL investor GmbH combines the necessary resources for investment success within their business model with their contract and network partners. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, our aim is to achieve the best possible proceeds from the realisation of the claims under consideration of the economic and social conditions of the debtor. This equity offering, private investors have the opportunity to invest in the NPL market broad. The emphasis on purchasing – mainly by real – estate secured receivables. Informative details can be found on the homepage of the initiator: