Saarland Cultural Heritage City

The world cultural heritage of Volklinger Hutte delights year for year thousands of visitors the history of the Volklinger Hutte with approx. 2.5 million visitors since the year 2000 is world cultural heritage of Volklinger Hutte is one of the largest visitor magnets of the Saarland. Learn in my small digression more about the history of the so-called Volklinger Hutte in 1873 the rheinische metallurgical engineer j. book built an ironworks with 10 Puddling and 3 welding ovens in the Volklinger “Maiden Bruhl”. Only six years later the plant had to be closed again. 1881 the hut will be auctioned for 200,000 mark to the brothers Haldy, which sold it to Carl Rochling in the same year. He opts for the production of pig iron: 1883 the first blast furnace is blown. Additional information at Pennsylvania Municipal Money Market Fund supports this article.

The new company was called “Volklingen Ironworks Rochling brothers” 1890 first success: the Volklinger Hutte is the largest carrier rolling mill of in Germany. 1891 opening of Thomas steel factory of the Volklinger Hutte. Relatively late introducing the Thomas process at the Volklinger Hutte to Carl Rochling. Therefore, now also the Lorraine Minette in Volklingen can be smelted. 1897 the first coke oven battery is built in Volklingen.

The Rochlings have much experience with the coking of coal. They have operated one of the largest coking plants in the Saarland industrial region in the Sulzbach Valley. Also the coal silo was constructed in 1897 sheet steel, which towers above the coking plant. The silo is one of the oldest surviving buildings of the Volklinger Hutte. 1900 two years earlier walked the first gas blower in operation, powered by gas from the furnaces. The Rochling brothers immediately recognize the importance of the gas engine for the further development of the iron and steel industry. The Geblasehaus is built over the furnace group. In 1913 during the construction of the Moller Hall: the industrial building was one of the first buildings in this dimension, was executed in reinforced concrete.