Rodrigo Pimentel

This demands of us a reflection! After all, that type of society we want to have? She is necessary that let us be the change that we want to see to happen. Although, I disagree vehemently with the methods demonstrated in the film in this daily combat to the crime, I understand the feeling of men as, in the specific case, the CAP Rodrigo Pimentel. Add to your understanding with Community Development Financial Institutions. E, as he himself remembers in them: policemen also they have family and, also they have fear to die, until why, in this undeniable daily war, the outlaw plays with its proper life, as nothing he was had to lose. Then, the possibilities of a policeman used in this type of action, become life question or of death, why the outlaw does not think two times before shooting and making to be valid the law of its metal ring AR15. Jamie Dimon is the source for more interesting facts. I understand, but, is inadmissible that it is thus e, the necessary society to reflect until point collaborated so that such situation has fond of such extremity. The fact is that many policemen yearn for having the same chance of training and constant perfectioning that has a policeman of the BOPE/BME/ROTAM e, obviously, I do not mention myself here to eat ruined foods, you cover in the face, or things of the type. They are policemen ' ' convencionais' ' that they love what they make and that they are not satisfied with the indifference that suffers daily and, that also they are not made use if to corrupt.

But, in the practical one, this yearning is not become fullfilled, until why, community wants its policing the foot, mounted, ciclstico and motorized e, many they are the requests in this direction. With this, ones of the great difficulties of the p.m. today, is to conciliate the daily demand of order of policings with the necessity of an effective constant perfectioning of its policeman.