About how! The same phenomenon and how different it saw. The problem is that most people, having played for 2 months in the COP and learned how to kill newbies assure that they are "scientists" know all about COP, well, then everything that goes beyond their comprehension – it's cheat. The same applies to the "experienced" players who have played for 3-4 years. Yes, they are used on your server to be the first since kill and beginners and those who play a year or two. But worth a visit …

the man who played a lot better – and start suspicions begin vyiskivaniya "yeah you were sleeping," and so on. Sadly, when you get on these Forums. Ban obespechen.Counter-strike players. On the skill levels of the game briefly on a counter. Highly conditional division, and among every category of its own difference between those who are in the top list, and those who in the end. Particularly paragraphs 4.3, there is a huge razryv.1. Full beginner.

Learns to shoot, run without stumbling on steny.2. Beginner. Have already mastered, but we still have a lot of discoveries. 3. "Normal" Public-player – already knows how to listen well, to navigate in space, throw normal grenades. 4. "Advanced" Public-player – knows how to do backache, can sometimes think a head, often see themselves as "scientists." 5. Low-low skill – the first experience of team play 5 on 5, everyone continues to play as the "meat" naturally normal enemy break a Tim's chips.