Property Transactions

Without them, the procedure of localization of the site makes no sense, because in the end, for the consumption of the same supports your life and create. At this stage it is important to complete the transaction not as properly as well, as is customary in the country for which you are preparing the site. You can try and translate the Italian word online, but only the carrier knows that his translation just is not worth, because in Italy decided to use English-language borrowing. And that, say, in the Arab countries? How is it decided, given the location of the text from right to left? We do not know, but certainly knows the media. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Jeff Flake. In this case, the correct translation of one does not cancel, and the media, I must say, not sinless. Therefore, all the translated material necessarily proofreads certified translator.

The site translated. What’s next? By its very content and expected number of edits. For example, the banks chosen for one of the consumer savings programs slogan “Keep the money in savings banks” from the well-known movie, you will need come up with something new, because immortal creation Gaidai know and love us, but in another country it would be inappropriate and incomprehensible. In general, minimize all contact with folklore, culture and mentality of the native powers, and ideally – change to the appropriate content of foreign origin. If this still being optimized for key words in a foreign language – in general feast for the eyes.

Further, in parallel with the translation professionals responsible for the visual and software design, is to attend to the preparation of the necessary fonts and special characters to display, for example, an icon of the local currency. Oh, and here all digital value content must be translated into local standards. This applies to the temperature, measures of weight, length, monetary values, dates (in some countries do another calendar that is now not in 2010). Of course, it can be charged and interpreter, but he still linguist, not a mathematician, and may be mistaken. When everything is ready, the translated material is pouring into the prepared shell. A final touch is a visual frame result of the peculiarities of local color. After that finished website is tested by a native speaker or a representative of the target country to avoid accidental “blunders”. PS: Should you admit that, being one of the largest translation companies, we are still engaged exclusively in the translation sites. But now realize what an important aspect of ignoring, and so soon one of our units will provide complete professional localization sites.